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July 07, 2010 — BarryK
I have patched and compiled this kernel, as well as some 3rd party modules. The sources are uploaded here:

I have created a PET:

Note, it is configured with SMP enabled. It does not have the Longene patch.

This PET will probably be used in the upcoming Slackpup 0.4beta. I will probably stay with this kernel for sometime, maybe also for the final release of Slackpup.

You can download and use this PET in your Woof-built Puppy, but note that you need a very recent version of Woof, as I moved the kernel firmware out of the Linux kernel PET into Woof. Woof now has a directory 'kernel-skeleton' that has the firmware.


Retro with Xorg 7.3+
Username: gjuhasz
I tested spup in different virtual/real environment. Smart, fast, plays everything I tried. Nothing to say against. For older machines, a Wary-type retro (with Xorg 7.3+) would be the heaven. Note that due to some crazy website developers, I had to switch the useragent in SeaMonkey to report Firefox 3.6.3 (line 64 in browser-prefs.js) to allow playing everything well. "7 Jul 2010, 22:39"01702"'

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