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'Red Dog' due Easter 2011

July 28, 2010 — BarryK
This dog was loved in mining communities in Western Australia in the '70s. His life has been made into a movie, shooting has just finished, but it won't be released until next year.


Red Dog is back !
Username: FeodorF
Red Dog is back ! After decades of years Red Dog is back. He is cheering up people again. He found himself a way to travel very fast around the whole world. And all of a sudden - there he is - . Woof, woof ! Oh, well his name changed like everybody knows; but his spirit is still the same. You are right, we call him -Puppy- ."28 Jul 2010, 18:34"01740"'red kelpie"01micko"Back in 1990, I worked on a farm at a place called Meandarra in the Western Downs of Queensland. It is roughly 500km west of Brisbane. It is in the Sheep/Wheat belt. The Cocky (Aus slang for "farmer") had a variety of dogs and my favourite was red kelpie named Bin. He was a great sheep dog. Any of you drovers out there would know some of the basic commands to give a sheep dog. "Go back", Get over" and a few more. The Cocky and myself built a temporary fence around all the wheat crops so the sheep could graze on the sorghum stubble which had recently been harvested. The fence was crude. Late one wintry afternoon I got a phone call from the neighbour. "Your sheep are in my wheat mate!" said the neighbour. I raced to the shed and fired up the yammy DT175 and let Bin off his chain. I grabbed Jesse too, a female border collie, who always rode on the handle bars. 3000 sheep is a lot to round up when darkness was approaching. I located the hole in the fence and made another hole into a safe paddock. I gave Bin the "go back" command which basically means to get to the back of the flock and hunt them. Fortunately sheep flow like water down a drain if you know what to do. I did a count I reckon we got 99% of stock safe. Jesse was with me just to control the flow. I didn't see Bin for about twenty minutes. When I did I knew he would have got all he could get. A week later another neighbour rang saying he found about twenty stray sheep with our brand. That's all Bin missed. Great breed the red kelpie, and funny my wife never mentioned anything about Red Dog, she lived in Karratha for awhile. [i][/i] [i][/i]"29 Jul 2010, 11:17"01740"'

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