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A 64-bit Puppy!

July 09, 2010 — BarryK
Kirk and jamesbond have reached the first release version of Fatdog64, a Puppy built for Intel-compatible 64-bit CPUs:

Kirk compiled the base packages in T2, and it needed a lot of work to recompile many other PETs for 64-bit.

Fatdog64 is hosted on Ibiblio, and qualifies as a separate Puppy distro. Kirk did not actually use Woof, just pulled many ideas from Woof, which is the same approach that Jemimah has done with Puppeee.

Kirk, you should put Fatdog64 into the waiting list at Distrowatch...


Intel-compatible 64-bit CPU
Username: Sage
Probably a misunderstanding, esp. as tronkel reports success on an AMD64. Once again it was Intel that screwed up and couldn't make their 64bit processors compatible with 32bit code - they still have to license micro-code from AMD, who, like with the heat dissipation issue, tend to succeed with all of the techno hurdles. If only we could stop Americans, in particular, supporting the appalling WIntel cartel the world would be a better place. Not as if the smaller chipmaker and a plethora Linux developers aren't in that country, so their over-sensitivities about patriotism would not be affected. Probably need to improve their education system - don't we all."9 Jul 2010, 13:39"01709"'Intel cloned AMD with i series CPU's"WSCarl"Not to fret Intel cloned AMD with i series CPU's. As for Americans supporting Intel that not the whole true- Intel after a billion dollar a year on Advert's was shill loosing ground to AMD. When AMD hit 50% sending 1/4 on Advent's. Intel started paying ODM's to use Intel's product. Intel also gave volume kickback to large Distribitor so that many no long carry AMD CPU's. How AMD is 30% of the market. I am a AMD Only Shop in the US. Find it hard to get AMD cpu's I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"12 Jul 2010, 24:18"01709"'

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