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Kernel development stopped

July 04, 2010 — BarryK
Well, not stopped exactly. I have been going to every other day, waiting for the next kernel release. The 2.6.34 kernel was released 2010-05-16 and today 2010-07-04 still nothing newer.

I have just now found out why. Quoting from

The Linux kernel development process stands out in a number of ways; one of those is the fact that there is exactly one person who can commit code to the "official" repository. There are many maintainers looking after various subsystems, but every patch they merge must eventually be accepted by Linus Torvalds if it is to get into the mainline. Linus's unique role affects the process in a number of ways; for example, as this article is being written, Linus has just returned from a vacation which resulted in nothing going into the mainline for a couple of weeks.

But I notice also a similar hiatus with which was released on 2010-05-26. I'm not sure, but I thought that branch is updated independently of Linus. But then, they probably mostly apply backports of whatever is approved in the mainline kernel, so they would be held up too.


Username: aarf
you planning on doing a Julia Gillard ?"5 Jul 2010, 3:44"01697"'"Steven P" was released today"6 Jul 2010, 5:23"01697"'"Iguleder" is out, I'm already working on some backports and fixes :)"6 Jul 2010, 17:33"01697"'Patches for"Iguleder"Here's my patch set: - aufs2-27 git, all-in-one patch - wireless-compat patch, all-in-one too, the largest text file I've ever seen, 13 MB :D - squashfs4 from backport, the changelog doesn't mention any squashfs changes so it's alright ... the squashfs cannot be backported that easily, I tried that and no success :( - ext4 rename patch, yours - sfs in aufs branch patch, yours - printk patch, yours"6 Jul 2010, 18:09"01697"'

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