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Nathan's Wallpaper Setter 0.5.6

July 10, 2010 — BarryK
This was broken in Spup 0.3, due to missing Viewnior (image viewer) which caused a syntax error in the Gtkdialog XML code inside Nathan's Wallpaper Setter 0.5.5.

I have fixed that, and you can get version 0.5.6 from here:

Spup has Gview for basic image display, however Viewnior is nicer, so I have decided to put that in. The next Spup will have Viewnior, but if you want it right now, get it from here:

Pwallpaper is broken in Spup 0.4, so as I have now got Nathan's Wallpaper Setter working I have gone back to that.


Username: 01micko
Hi again Barry Mark's (MU) picture viewer is pretty cool. It has wallpaper setting capability built in.. and is written in genie :cool: We still have it as a default app in Lupu. I know Mark and yourself haven't got the time, but it may be something to look at for the future when you get spup out the door. Just a thought. Cheers"11 Jul 2010, 19:53"01718"'

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