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Network disconnect/reconnect

July 03, 2010 — BarryK
I have been wanting to fix this for sometime. It is now working nicely, at least for my SNS (Simple Network Setup).

The network_tray tray icon (version 2.4.1, see previous blog post) has a menu, one entry is "Disconnect from network" (which only appears if there is an active network interface).
I want a means of quick disconnect, and the most logical place is the tray icon.
Note, the 'connect' desktop icon also has this.

What was not working is the reconnect. Having done a disconnect, the right-click tray icon menu then offers "Reconnect to network". I found the problem in my SNS scripts and it now works nicely.

Note that this disconnect/reconnect uses whatever is the current default network connection method, specified in /usr/local/bin/defaultconnect. The network_tray actually calls /usr/local/apps/Connect/AppRun passing --connect|--disconnect parameters, so it is using the same mechanism as the desktop 'connect' icon.

For example, Dougal/shinobar's Network Wizard, script, has /etc/rc.d/ that takes start|stop parameters, but I haven't verified that works. Presume it does.

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