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Nvidia for kernel

July 09, 2010 — BarryK
I have compiled the commercial Nvidia kernel driver for the kernel, and created a PET (23MB):

This can be used with any Puppy built with my kernel PET, however it places the files in /usr not /usr/X11R7 so is not compatible with puppies built from T2 packages (ex: previous and current releases of Quirky).

This PET will be usable with the upcoming Spup 0.4.


Username: 01micko
Ok.. booted 040 pfix=ram, nouveau loaded, screen breaks up the same for me as my screeny in the 030 forum thread, so I ditched it and loaded nv while the new nvidia pet was downloading on another machine. Ok, display looks good (pwidgets works, aarf will be happy) , I transferred the nvidia pet to this machine and loaded, restarted X as the xmessage suggests but X didn't restart, no prompt , nothing, video crash. Hard reboot, pfix=ram, chose nv in xorgwizard, loaded nvidia pet, bob's your uncle, works well. [i]Driver used by Xorg: nvidia Video mode used by Xorg: Resolution: Depth 24 Depth: "Display" [/i] -extracted from report-video. Cheers"10 Jul 2010, 8:19"01713"'

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