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PPM: more on dependency

July 16, 2010 — BarryK
Continuing earlier work:

In Slackpup, have an awkward situation where I have ffmpeg PET builtin rather than use the ffmpeg on the 'slacky' repository. The problem is, this makes many of the packages on the slacky repo that have ffmpeg dependency, in-operable.

As a workaround, maybe not the best solution, but it does work, /root/.packages/PKGS_MANAGEMENT now has variable PKG_PET_THEN_BLACKLIST_COMPAT_KIDS. This has a space-separated list of packages and currently only has "ffmpeg" in it.

The script /usr/local/petget/ reads this variable and filters out any slackware package that has 'ffmpeg' dependency -- but the code only does so if Puppy is built with ffmpeg PET package. So, if Puppy had been built with the slacky ffmpeg then there would be no problem and nothing would get filtered out.

This workaround prevents certain slacky packages, such as 'ffmpegthumbnailer' from being offered by PPM as a candidate for installation.


Exclude list for PPM
Username: TazOC
How can I exclude or warn about core packages like util-linux-ng in PPM? I added it to the PKG_NAME_IGNORE list in /root/.packages/PKGS_MANAGEMENT but PPM still happily installs it. That package has /bin/mount which over-writes the built-in script with Slackware's binary."18 Jul 2010, 9:18"01725"'Re util-linux-ng"BarryK"That is fixed. PKG_NAME_ALIASES prevents it from being listed: PKG_NAME_ALIASES='dirac,schroedinger mp,mped mplayer,mplayer_* rxvt-unicode,urxvt,urxvt-unicode cxxlibs,glibc*,libc-* glibc-solibs,glibcsolibs alsalib,alsa-lib libungif,libgif,giflib zip,infozip dbus,libdbus*,libdbus-glib* hal,libhal* sane,sane-backends samba,samba-tng,samba_* util-linux-ng,util-linux,utillinuxng xfdiff,xfdiff-cut xorg_base,xorg_base_t2,x11-common,x-dev,xorg acl,libacl* xdg_puppy,xdg-utils' Username: 18 Jul 2010, 9:22
"01725"'util-linux-ng"TazOC"Hmm, I think I understand. I'm using Spup 0.40 and, yes PKG_NAME_ALIASES has util-linux-ng,util-linux,utillinuxng. Now the pkg is [i]not[/i] listed in category mode, but if I put 'util' in the find box, click Go, the package is listed. Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I think I'd prefer either no listing at all or a way to put a 'lock' built-in pkgs."18 Jul 2010, 11:21"01725"'

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