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PPPOE test

July 07, 2010 — BarryK
Forum member wuwei reported that PPPOE does not work in Spup. This has been an ongoing issue.

If there is anyone reading this who uses PPPOE for an Internet connection, would you mind trying the technique described here:

...that is, the four manual steps. Repeating them here:

# modprobe pppoe

We need to add to /etc/ppp/chap-secrets our login and password.

If you plan to use pppd for more than one connection, than there is a necessity to introduce a unique ID along with login and password. For example, “PROV”:

ourlogin PROV ourpassword *

(of course, instead of “ourlogin” and “ourpassword” we need to write true values)

We have to create a file (let it be “myprov”) in /etc/ppp/peers.

Here are the things we need to write in this file:

user ourlogin (ourlogin – the same login as we introduced in chap-secrets)
eth0 (your interface via which you want to receive pppoe)
noipdefault (in case your ISP provides dynamic IP)
usepeerdns (to receive DNS from provider)
defaultroute (while connecting to the Internet the provider’s router will be used as a gateway by default)
persist (fixed connection)
remotename PROV (PROV – an ID we introduced in chap-secrets)

To call the connection we use the command:

# pppd call myprov


Re pppd
Username: BarryK
NOTE: there is missing library required by 'pppd' in Spup 0.3. I reported this on the forum. Username: 9 Jul 2010, 2:13

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