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Pwallpaper 1.1.1

July 05, 2010 — BarryK
Ttuuxxx started the ball rolling with this, an alternative wallpaper chooser. Gposil and trio have further developed it. Forum thread:

Coolpup has reported that Nathan's Wallpaper Setter is broken in Slackpup 0.3. Rather than fix it, I have decided to (finally) go over to Pwallpaper.

I have taken the 'set_bg' script out of Nathan's Wallpaper setter and put it at /usr/sbin in Woof.

I modified Gposil's Pwallpaper v1.1 to find /usr/sbin/set_bg and bumped the version to 1.1.1. The executable is /usr/sbin/pwallpaper. I uploaded the source:

I have set Pwallpaper as the wallpaper setter for all the Woof-built puppies.


Username: ttuuxxx
Glad to see it made its way into puppy, I like it because of the Thumbnails it displays when links are clicked on, But my favorite one is the gtk1 one from 2-3 series puppy that displays thumbnails for all the papers at once, This is the second best one :) Too bad the 2-3 series one wasn't ever converted over to gtk2, Mu at one time was helping me compile it as gtk2, but it never compiled properly. ttuuxxx"5 Jul 2010, 16:12"01699"'

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