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Samba: printing with smbclient

July 07, 2010 — BarryK
The Samba-tng package does not have the 'smbspool' utility, so how do they print? I asked Patriot about this, and he has given superb information ...yes, 'smbclient' can do the job!

Patriot is the person who has authored lameSMBxplorer:

Note that HairyWill authored Pnethood, an earlier application to access Windows shares:

Patriot has informed me of a solution for using smbclient to print with CUPS:

So, the Samba-tng PET package that I have created has /usr/lib/cups/backend/smbc, and /etc/samba/printing.auth. This will be in the next Slackpup, and you guys who are into Samba are welcome to see if you can get it working!

Patriot and HairyWill are of course invited to update their programs to work with 'smbc'.

Note, Spup 0.4 should be out in a couple of days.


Samba tutorial
Username: BarryK
Here is some simple guidelines to setting up Samba server: Username: 7 Jul 2010, 20:18
"01704"'xf86-video-ati 6.13.1 Driver Released"panzerpuppy"xf86-video-ati 6.13.1 stable driver released. Lots of bugfixes for various ATI cards and performance improvements for older Radeon cards. Username: 7 Jul 2010, 20:34
"01704"'No mount.cifs/umount.cifs"BarryK"As I am reading about Samba, it looks like to be able to mount with "mount -t cifs ..." there has to exist the 'mount.cifs' and 'umount.cifs' utilities. However, Samba-tng doesn't have them. Username: 7 Jul 2010, 22:11
"01704"'smbc backend testing"perthie"Some initial testing was successful after one patch. Line 52 of the smbc script should be "exit 0" instead of "return 0" Otherwise, the print job ends with an error and the printer goes off-line. Testing was done in Quirky with CUPS 1.3.11. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 3:50
"01704"'Additional smbc Patching"perthie"There are some other "return"s in the script that should become "exit"s. Also a quick test of "mount -t cifs" was successful. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 4:10
"01704"'Re samba mounting"BarryK"perthie, That's great, I'll modify the 'smbc' script. If you installed the samba-tng package, it doesn't have mount.cifs or umount.cifs. Oh, I just realised, Quirky has a package named 'mountcifs', with 'mount.cifs' in it. I need to check that out, obviously it works with samba-tng. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 8:07
"01704"'re 'mountcifs' pet"BarryK"Ah, now it becomes clear. Recent puppies have a pet package named 'mountcifs' that I created awhile back: Jamesbond got the 'mount.cifs' out of Samba. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 8:20
"01704"'samba_mount_cifs"BarryK"Ok, I have created a PET package '' that has 'mount.cifs' and 'umount.cifs' in it. This package is to be used with the samba-tng PET packages. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 8:38
"01704"'Samba printing HOWTO"BarryK"I have created a HOWTO, /usr/share/doc/samba-printing.htm in Woof. Username: 8 Jul 2010, 8:39
"01704"'SMB vs SMBC"perthie"There have always been a few users who could not connect to their Windows shared printer using the smb backend because of authentication problems. Maybe this new smbc backend will work better for them."8 Jul 2010, 22:33"01704"'

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