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Slackpup 0.3

July 04, 2010 — BarryK
This is the next experimental build based on Slackware 13.1. Thanks for all the feedback on naming and numbering -- I haven't yet decided, but for now let's call it Slackpup I have given it version number 0.3 (030) -- but maybe the final release will be 5.0, as it really is "generation 5" Puppy.

Anyway, here it is:

My main interest with this release is to test video on different hardware. The 'nouveau' driver works for me, which is great, but does it work for other Nvidia hardware? -- there is of course the 'nv' driver to fall back on.

The is one known bug -- I don't know how this got through, but 'ntfsprogs' package has a missing shared library, so Gparted can't handle ntfs partitions.

The iso is a bit big, at 123MB, partly due to all the extra kernel modem drivers. But I don't think that accounts for all of the extra bulk, and I will be sifting through the files to see if anything unnecessary snuck through in the automated Woof build system.

This pup has kernel 2.6.34 with the Longene patch, however I have gone cold on the idea of Longene. As soon as is released I intend to compile it, plus of course all the 3rd party modules, without the Longene patch. Rerwin has agreed to have a go at compiling the analog modem modules that I had earlier failed to compile, so some of those may be in the build also.

Note, I will upload Woof soon.


Spup 0.3 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a Forum thread for feedback here: Username: 4 Jul 2010, 9:50
"01695"'5"01micko"I think aiming for the "5" moniker is a good idea, as it really is a "sister" release to Lucid Puppy 5. Since it's going to be a "Puppy", I would reckon that it belongs in[b]puppy[/b]/test/spup-0.3/ . This because many of the mirrors, especially tha fast Aussie ones, aarnet and internode, haven't mirrored Quirky files. Do you need to register with them or some such? Just my 2c. Cheers"4 Jul 2010, 11:02"01695"'Transcoder"ttuuxxx"Hi Barry aarf came across a video/audio transcoder based on ffmpeg, The debian package was 2707kb, because it included ffmpeg and other libs that are in puppy already, I basically made a package just with system links and replaced the ffmpeg bin and all the libs and the package is now 28kb, now that's a perfect puppy size, probably I should see if they have sources or not. Anyways this could make a nice addition to puppy, a 28 kb video converter is pretty good. The 28kb pet package for Quirky 120 is located at ttuuxxx"7 Jul 2010, 17:09"01695"'Re Transcoder sources"BarryK"ttuuxxx, Compile it from source. There are two versions, one for audio, one for video. Dougal posted the link on this blog to the source recently: Username: 7 Jul 2010, 17:30

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