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Spup: CUPS printing

July 08, 2010 — BarryK
The web interface for CUPS in Spup 0.3 was reported to be broken.

I have found two things so far. Firstly, it puts up an error message about SeaMonkey already running. I fixed that.

Secondly, the web inteface index.html file is not found. I fixed that too. It was missing, but even more strangely, the Slackware package has it in the wrong place. I have fixed the cups template in Woof, so now get the web interface.

I have not yet tested printing, will do that next.


Printing works
Username: BarryK
Finally got printing working! It took awhile, I had to fix foomatic-filters and ghostscript packages. Local time is after 1.00am, time for a cup of green tea, wind-down the mind for awhile, then bed. Username: 9 Jul 2010, 2:04
"01707"'Where to get the CUPS fix?"edoc"Is there a PET or something that will install the Fix in SPUP 030 or will you be posting a SPUP 030 patch, please? My family thinks I am crazy chasing around trying to get things to work, esp. the printers, but it is fun for a geek ... Sure appreciate all that you do!"9 Jul 2010, 3:00"01707"'Re CUPS fix"BarryK"Lots of things, I can't remember exactly, so you will need to wait for Spup 0.4 -- only a couple of days away. Username: 9 Jul 2010, 8:23

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