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Unnecessary files in Slackpup

July 04, 2010 — BarryK
I have done a quick perusal of the files in Slackpup 0.3, using GDMap, the app that gives a graphical overview of file sizes.

Some things have jumped right out at me:

These Xorg servers are included: Xfbdev (1.6MB), Xsdl (1.6MB) and Xdmx (1.5MB). Also a half dozen executables that have "dmx" in their names.
I have deleted these, so that is going to knock about 2MB off the iso.

Puppy only uses client components of the Samba package. The client executables used are 'nmblookup', 'smbclient', 'smbmnt', 'smbmount', 'smbspool' and 'smbumount'. However, these executables are enormous -- for example 'smbclient' is 6.13MB, compared with 1MB compiled in T2. I see also that the Slackware Samba package has a very large shared library, '' (6MB) that the T2 package does not have.

Hmmm, the next thing that I will do is compile Samba myself. It looks like that will shave a huge amount off the iso.


Username: perthie
IIRC, smbmount has not worked in Puppy since the 3 series. In any case, it has been deprecated in favour of mount -t cifs. Username: 4 Jul 2010, 20:06
"01698"'A FIRST"joe.c"The first Pupppy or Puplet able to shut my old emachine computer all the way down, I couldnít believe it until i tried it a couple times. Iíve only used it a few hours but i really like it, only problem i am limited to 256M ram and it is a little too fat, but if you come out with a small iso version i am going to switch from the great 412. THANK YOU joe"4 Jul 2010, 24:16"01698"'Re shutdown"BarryK"joe.c, There is one problem though... The 2.6.34 kernel has been configured for uniprocessor, not SMP, as that is needed for the Longene patch to work. I found awhile back, testing 2.6.33.x on the Gecko netbook, that the uniprocessor kernel did shutdown properly, but when I recompiled the kernel for SMP, it no longer shutdown. I will be compiling, with SMP enabled, as that will suit the widest range of users. So, keep your fingers crossed that it will still power-off on your computer. I don't recall if I tried the "nosmp" boot parameter with the Gecko, I probably did and it made no difference. Username: 5 Jul 2010, 8:59
"01698"'Samba problems"BarryK"Quirky is using Samba 3.4.3 (compiled in T2), which does not support SMB2. SMB2 is used by Windows Vista and later. So, can Vista and Windows 7 still talk to an SMB1 node? Wary has Samba 3.5.3 (compiled in T2). This exhibits an enormous jump in size of the executables, 1MB -> 5MB for smbclient, so this is an issue with the 3.5 series. However, Wary has some shared libraries missing, so Samba is broken. Username: 5 Jul 2010, 8:25
"01698"'wireless tools"01micko"Hi Barry aarf made discover that was missing, it is a dependency in Pwidgets, and I would of thought iwlist and the swag of other wireless tools. I made a forum post , more info there... I didn't strip in the build stage, new2dir worked ok. Cheers"9 Jul 2010, 8:56"01698"'Re libiw"BarryK"Hmmm, yes, the Slackware .txz package does not have the shared library, only libiw.a. Username: 9 Jul 2010, 8:36

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