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Woof uploaded, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 — BarryK
This is the version of Woof used to build Slackpup 0.4.

For introduction and instructions to download Woof, go here:

So, if you have previously downloaded Woof, all you have to do this time is run this in the Woof project directory to update to the latest Woof files:

# bones download

It is recommended that you follow instructions in the above link to download Woof with full history, however if all you want is the latest tarball, here it is:


Username: grumpywolfe13
Hi Barry Was doing a code review of the T2-8orcXorg7.3 files and found that 2 files were listed but I have been unable to find them. dir2proto xkill Thanks"13 Jul 2010, 4:00"01716"'xkill and dir2proto"BarryK"I did not compile 'xkill' in T2, so it doesn't exist. I have removed it from the list. dir2proto that's a weird one. T2 does not have any package by that name. Neither does Ubuntu. But, Slackware does. Looking into it a bit further, dri2proto does not exist in T2 Xorg 7.3, but T2 does have it now, with their latest Xorg. Looking at the download site: ...the very first release was in March 2008. There is very little documentation. Here is something: [i]Direct Rendering Infrastructure 2 Extension This extension defines a protocol to securely allow user applications to access the video hardware without requiring data to be passed through the X server.[/i] So, I don't know, maybe it doesn't work with Xorg 7.3. Anyway, why do you state that dri2proto is listed in Wary? To my knowledge it is listed anywhere. Note, if I recall rightly, I had to put dri2proto in Slackpup when I compiled the 'nouveau' Xorg driver. Username: 13 Jul 2010, 8:56
"01716"'x11proto"grumpywolfe13"Barry in the line x11proto in the Disto_Pkags_Specs-t2-8.OrcXorg7.3 file that I am using from the last woof build it has the dir2proto called for. In the line for xorg_base_t2 is has the xkill called for now nether has cause the system to stop but just notice it and wanted to see what you had to say. One other thing I would like to mention is that when you use the GUI to select files that you want when it write to the file it removed the "#" sign at the top of the file and you have to put it back in order to use the GUI again. Have a good day. PS I have not upgraded to this woof build because I am in the getting ready to build state and don't want any surprise at this time."13 Jul 2010, 10:48"01716"'RE dri2proto and xkill"BarryK"yeah, just edit the file and remove those two packages. I have just now done it in Woof. ...for Xorg 7.3 retro only though. The normal T2 build has Xorg 7.5 and that does have dri2proto. Oh, we are spelling it wrong in these posts, it is dri2proto. Username: 13 Jul 2010, 17:36
"01716"'kernel src for lupu"01micko"Finally, I have fixed the kernel source sfs for lupu. My apologies for the delay. It is now 84M after running: [i]make clean[/i] [i]make prepare[/i] see forum for more Cheers"16 Jul 2010, 21:27"01716"'woof type app for Ubuntu"ttuuxxx"I came across a Ubuntu tool, very similar to Woof, It uses a gambas as a dep, Looks very nice, Haven't tried it. ttuuxxx"17 Jul 2010, 11:38"01716"'

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