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'delayedrun' improved

August 21, 2010 — BarryK
01micko posted some improvements to /usr/sbin/delayedrun. This is a script that executes just after the desktop is started.

The improvements are for background color of tray icons, and to launch the '' script in Lucid.

01micko also suggested a fix for themes in Xfce, but I did not want to perform that operation of moving/renaming GTK theme files when the desktop has just started -- it should be done before, say by having /etc/init.d/xfce in the Xfce package.

Note that the tray background color is now only an issue with Retrovol and Blinky. In all my builds I only use Retrovol, and I would very much like this applet to get rewritten so that its background is truly transparent. Then we wouldn't need any special background handling code.

The network_tray, freememapplet_tray and powerapplet_tray (etc.) tray applets in /root/Startup, do not need to have their background color set as it is transparent.


mini quirky

re: 'Delayedrun'
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry, Yes, I should have thought of putting the xfce stuff in /etc/init.d/ , of course the better way to do it, no need for that silly sleep that seemed necessary. Also, I have been hacking freememapplet_tray a little more, mainly to appease the punters.. There is also a hack to Partview as you will see. I don't suggest you use this but, the tooltip addition is handy. When I first tried Quirky 1.2 I think it was, I noticed no button for Partview. It took me awhile to stumble upon clicking freememaplet_tray icon to reveal Partview. Hers the relevant addition to the source.. [i]strcat (memdisplaylong," personal storage, free space = "); strcat (memdisplaylong,memdisplayfree); strcat (memdisplaylong," Click for Partview and Versioninfo");[/i] (lines 106, 107, 108) If you were to make the change to the tooltip only maybe something like "Click for Partview, free space in drives" My intention was to add a right click for some version info. I'm not quite there yet with C! (You will see in the screencap in the link I've gone nuts with these tray applets!:n_n:) Cheers

Re right-click
Username: BarryK
"01micko, If you want example code for creating a menu on right-click, look at network_tray -- it has the same code structure as freememapplet_tray, so easy to add the extra functionality. network_tray-2.4.2.tar.gz is here:

xfce in lupu
Username: BarryK
"01micko, It has just occurred to me, remembering the code that you had in 'delayedrun' -- you moved the gtk themes file if xfce was present, moved back if not present. In that case, it would seem best to do that in a '' and a '' scripts in the xfce package. Then each operation would happen once only. Hmmm, it does seem to be a radical thing to do though, to remove .gtkrc-2.0.

re .gtkrc-2.0
Username: 01micko
"Yes, radical indeed, but it is needed for xfce themes to work. What you said won't work because it depends on the current window manager. The routine needs to be 'dynamic'. If a user switches back to Jwm or whatever then with a the gtkrc is gone until xfce is uninstalled. The call to switch needs to be made after the WM is set but before it starts. The key word you use in your post is 'present'.. if installed it will be present be sure, but used? Perhaps or not. I'll do a bit of thinking and experimenting on this one. Cheers

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi 2.14X has alway had some xfce apps in it, Like xfburn, but for the past 5 days I've been adding xfce panel/taskbar plus Metacity to it, Boy does it look well. Even have a custom bash theme Metacity theme setter Clarf built for it :) [img][/img] Notes on it ttuuxxx

re: re: rightckick
Username: 01micko
"I, yet again hacked network_tray. a cool hack this time... I added a right-click menu item that adds theming the icon, 4 themes, including "ttuuxxx" ... :cool: Sources and pet on the forum, as well as screenshots. There is some room for improvement, I have hard coded the themes. If I do it with loops and variables then anyone can add their own custom theme. Cheers.

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