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Dependency checking improved

August 30, 2010 — BarryK
All Woof-built puppies have a package dependency checker in the menu, at "Setup --> Check dependencies installed pkg". This runs script /usr/local/petget/ When the Puppy Package Manager installs a package, this script is also run.

Playdayz reported a problem with some packages reporting missing shared library files, when in fact they did exist. An example given was '' which is a Lucid Puppy 5.1 package. The problem occurs if the libraries are not in the library search path, but the package most likely has a startup script that makes the libraries loadable.

I have fixed /usr/local/petget/ so that it reports if "missing" libraries do actually exist. I also added a "View details" button that gives a breakdown of missing libraries on a per-executable basis.


dir2pet dependencies
Username: technosaurus
wasn't there at some point a list of possible dependencies when running dir2pet? lots of packages in the forum are missing dependencies or have the wrong ones and this could be useful... or maybe I am just overlooking it/have outdated version. wouldn't it be something like: POSSDEPS=`cat <pkgslist> |cut -d "|" -f 1`

re dir2pet
Username: BarryK
"No, I don't think dir2pet ever had a dependency checking in it. It is up to the developer to determine dependencies and add them in the pet.specs file.

Package list too long to see all
Username: bigpup
"Menu Did this get fixed? Setup>Check dependencies installed pkg can't see all packages installed (can see first 28 of my 43 installed packages) Go full screen and still can't see all installed packages. No way of seeing the rest. The list is too long with no way to scroll.

43 packages
Username: BarryK
"That is a somewhat unusual situation? If you hold down the <alt> key, you can drag a window with the mouse pointer -- does that enable you to see them all?

the bug report
Username: bigpup
"Here is the bug report: To me, it is just an understood basic feature of any program. If it shows a list, that is too long to see it all, there would be a way to scroll down the list. This program does not have that ability. Having to move the window around seems so lame!

Re too many installed pkgs
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I have modified the script, not with scrolling, but if list is more than 23 packages then they are displayed in two columns.

Great changes!
Username: bigpup
"Thanks for making these changes! Now this program is even better. Can it be downloaded someplace to update what is in use now?

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