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JWM Configuration Manager

August 29, 2010 — BarryK
I don't think that many people have noticed this little app created by forum member 'ljfr'. It is a JWM window manager configuration GUI tool, written in Vala:

ljfr would probably welcome feedback and encouragement on this tool. Does it have any bugs? Any particular features missing that would be nice to have?

I found it to be very nice, but so far I have only given it a brief test -- changed the theme. One thing that I personally did not like is the need to double-click the icons -- simple single-click to run an operation would be better I think.

Note that the PET package includes a lot of files that perhaps should not be installed (?). Instead, open it up with:

# tar -zxf

and then copy usr/local/bin/jlexpl00721 to /usr/local/jlexpl00721 (it is a bit weird having it in the 'bin' dir) and copy usr/sbin/jwmconf to /usr/sbin/jwmconf -- then edit jwmconf and delete the "bin/".

...well, that is how I installed it anyway.

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