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Melbourne visit

August 07, 2010 — BarryK
Brrr, Melbourne is cold. Perth has a more Mediterranean climate. Here, I am venturing out with jumper, jacket, scarf and beanie, but still feel cold. I have visited Melbourne many times before but always in the summer.

I am told that Melbourne does get very hot weather sometimes. I suppose it depends which way the wind is blowing, off the mainland or the southern ocean.

I lived in Hobart for awhile, at least many of the winter days were nice and sunny (due to a mountain on the west side). Here in Melbourne, every day is overcast -- no, yesterday there was a little bit of sunshine for awhile.

One thing I am enjoying is the all-day bus/train/tram ticket for $3.40 (for 60+ seniors).

Here is a month-by-month description of Melbourne weather:


Username: kirk
Sounds nice, send some my way. It's been over 35C almost every day here in Florida. "7 Aug 2010, 10:28"01747"'Ditto"gmbudwrench"Does that include heat index? It was 104 with a heat index of 111 degrees F. here in Alabama. But, we're better off than the midwest. Almost 118 F. not including the heat index."7 Aug 2010, 14:49"01747"'Heat and cold"tempestuous"Ah memories of my more creative days in Melbourne. Its attraction as an arts inspired town are claimed to be the consolation for enduring the cold, as was explained to me by a non-Melbournian (an expatriate Italian). He said that "culture only works in cold climates". In this regard, Hobart is supposed to be well-regarded! I recommend spending time in one of the many cosy bars and cafes in Melbourne: Ciccialina's back bar in St Kilda, The Swallow in Port Melbourne, O'Connell's in South Melbourne, the Rainbow in Fitzroy. On the other side of the coin, Summer can be extreme. I remember living in an upstairs bedroom during 2 weeks of 40degree+ temperatures many years ago. At least the heat was dry, like all southern coastal areas, unlike the east coast where I now get heat + humidity."7 Aug 2010, 15:19"01747"''38' city"ozsouth"We call Melbourne the '38' city - 38 S latitude, and you either get 38 C, 38 knots or (not so often now) 38 mm rain daily. This winter has been the coldest for many years. Got to say I prefer Perth's 'Cat' buses to our trams. "7 Aug 2010, 16:11"01747"'cold"aarf"depends on the quality/make of you jacket/jumper. a quality thermal wear jacket from china for well under $50 in civilized shopping countries, washable, light, comfortable and drip dry indoors overnight in winter and Melbourne weather wouldn't faze you at all forget wool. Username: 7 Aug 2010, 22:57
"01747"'A Beanie?"perthie"Are you wearing one of these? Doesn't that reinforce the stereotype of Linux users as geeks? Or are you talking about a toque?"8 Aug 2010, 6:58"01747"'wrong summer"adi"The weather is not nice anymore during summer time in Europe. At 40 Celsius degrees where normal is 25 something wrong happened. So winter is more desirable. Global worming is not good. "8 Aug 2010, 15:10"01747"'Sunny in Melbourne"BarryK"Yesterday was a nice sunny day, some clouds but quite a lot of sunshine. Cool air still, but quite pleasant. Yay! Today, totally different, steady rain/drizzle. I'm going home today, but see on TV that I will be returning to rain. Username: 10 Aug 2010, 8:27
"01747"'Changeable weather"BarryK"Melbourne is famous for the changeable weather. As these sites say, "be prepared for anything": Username: 10 Aug 2010, 8:38
"01747"'Melbourne: education centre"BarryK"One thing that I have come to realise on this trip, what an incredible centre for education Melbourne is. The above link to WIT (Western Institute of Technology) has its main campus right in the CBD (Central Business District) of Melbourne. Also there are three universities in the CBD (or nearly, a couple are technically in Carlton), Melbourne University, Victoria University and RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, basically a uni also). There are probably more I don't know of. Quite incredible I reckon. Superb public transport in the CBD, with trams criss-crossing everywhere and trains running in a big loop around the CBD. And, changing the subject, there's Victoria Market -- what a great market! Hmmm, I seem to have become a fan of Melbourne. Username: 10 Aug 2010, 8:49

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