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Puppy Linux 5.1 released

August 13, 2010 — BarryK
Announcement statement:
The brilliant new Puppy Linux 5.1, code-name "Lucid" as it is binary-compatible with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx packages, has been released. Lucid Puppy 5.1 is a "full-featured compact distro." It's a Puppy, so it is fast, friendly, and fun, and it can also serve as one's main Linux desktop. Quickpet and Puppy Package Manager allow easy installation of many of the best Linux programs, tested and configured for Lucid Puppy. It is just as easy to choose your favorite browser and your language. And it all looks as good as it is, because the core Lucid team now includes an Art Director. Lucid Puppy boots directly to an automatically configured graphical desktop, with the tools to personalize the desktop right at hand, and it even recommends which add-on video driver to use for high-performance graphics. The main emphasis relative to Puppy 5.0 has been to improve the user interface, both to make it even more friendly and to enhance the visual appearance. Also many packages and tools (especially for video and printing) have been upgraded/improved, including synchronising with a recent release of the Woof Puppy-builder.

Release notes:

Live-CD ISO file (129.5MB):
md5sum: 88f7154ffcc46062394866e531310eba

"devx" file (126.3MB):
md5sum: 66f20ca918b0091f9774caef9fbcff00 can be slow, go here for faster mirrors:

Forum thread with 5.1-alpha/beta and 5.1-final discussion:

Forum thread for 5.1 feedback/bug reports and fixes:

Alternate build of Puppy 5.1 optimised for non-English users (with download link):

Announcements about the Woof Puppy-builder (5.1 is based on the July 10 release of Woof):

Announcements about upgrades and other news for Puppy 5.1 are posted here:


Alternate build
Username: shinobar
Tnx Barry for introducing QuickSet version. It is optimaized for non-'us'-keyboard users rather than 'non-English'. For example, english users with 'gb' keyboard. regards."13 Aug 2010, 8:35"01756"'Lucid Puppy 5.1 - The most language-friendly Puppy ever"playdayz"Lucid Puppy 5.1 is the most language-aware Puppy ever. Many of the main programs are language-aware by default: the word processor, the spreadsheet, the media player, the text editor, our innovative Quickpet, and several of the browsers. Additionally, we have pioneered the development of add-on "language packs," which contain the documentation and the native language support for our programs and are available in the Puppy Package Manager. There is one there now for Mtpaint, with more to come. Nor should anyone think there is any difficulty whatsoever in choosing whatever language and whatever keyboard one wants to use. We are using tried-and-true Puppy code in an innovative way--and the mechanism for choosing language and keyboard layout is flawless. Indeed, we have separate operations because some people have told us they want to use their native language with a different keyboard. We are proud of the effort we put into making Lucid Puppy 5.1 language-friendly and we hope people will recognize that effort and we thank all of the honest and honorable people who helped. Username: 13 Aug 2010, 8:07
"01756"'will these enhancements in lupu 5.1 make it back to woof?"jamesbond"I definitely hope so. Congrats on another great release."13 Aug 2010, 13:46"01756"'Not So Fast!"PuppyGoogle"Just listen to people at IRC This is not so fast!"13 Aug 2010, 14:00"01756"'Re non-English"BarryK"Um, yes, ok. Probably best if I don't modify my original post. People will read the comments and see the clarifications from shinobar and playdayz. Username: 13 Aug 2010, 15:31
"01756"'Feedback Lupu to Woof"BarryK"[i]will these enhancements in lupu 5.1 make it back to woof?[/i] They already are. If you look at recent blog posts, information given to me by 01micko has been implemented in Woof. This process will continue, but not instantly. Some features of Lupu might not be put into Woof simply because they are enhancements chosen by the developers of Lupu and not appropriate in the base Woof build system. Username: 13 Aug 2010, 15:49
"01756"'Acknowledgements"BarryK"I would like to acknowledge all the guys who had input to Lupu (Lucid Puppy 5.1). I am the main guy for Woof of course, but that also benefits from considerable help, with people providing me with feedback, suggestions and fixes. Taking from the 5.1 release notes, here are many of the people (plus more) who developed and helped with 5.1: [i]Mick Amadio (01micko), Chief Developer, and Larry Short (playdayz), Coordinator, joined for Lucid Puppy 5.1 by Warren Wilson (WhoDo), Art Director, with Jim1911, James C, JustGreg, CatDude, pa_mcclamrock, Tasgarth, shinobar, ecube, gjuhasz, tasmod, pemasu, Bm, rhadon, rjbrewer , stu90, nooby, Iguleder, Lobster, 8-bit, tubeguy, prehistoric, smokey01, DaveS, Snail, aarf, gerry, Billtoo, darwinev0lved, Minnesota, don570, Eyes-Only, enhu, rcrsn51, scsijon, ICPUG, Abnormalter, Stripe, gur, sata80, scruffy, live, smil99, and alec78. The default tok-tok icon set was created by BluePal, with additions and modifications by WhoDo.[/i] Username: 13 Aug 2010, 15:55
"01756"'puppeee"aarf"still waiting for puppeee to appear as a distro on distrowatch. yes it was listed under Latest Distributions but on clicking directed to puppy where there was no mention of puppeee when it was released"13 Aug 2010, 22:42"01756"'Re Puppeee"BarryK"I did send an announcement for Puppeee to Ladislav at Distrowatch but he has chosen not to post it. Instead, he has added a comment to the Puppy 5.1 announcement. It looks like Jemimah will have to register it as a separate distro, and it will then go into the waiting list (3 months). Username: 13 Aug 2010, 23:25
"01756"'Puppy Linux 5.1 released"You Know Who" FUCK YOU, BK !! You've became an evil and insensitive person... SHAME ON YOU, BK Username: 14 Aug 2010, 2:46
"01756"'Profanity not allowed"Joan"Barry is too good of a person to put up with that and so are most of us Puppy users. Barry and others have given the world a great set of tools to make the most of our computers with. If you don't like Puppy, please go elsewhere, we don't want to loose these great people. Thanks, Joan in Reno"14 Aug 2010, 4:04"01756"'You have became??"Martin"You know who's an idiot. Keep up the good work Barry. Cheers from Holland"14 Aug 2010, 8:21"01756"'Huh?"BarryK"I haven't got a clue what You Know Who is complaining about. I have been as helpful as I possibly can with Puppeee. There has been communication between me, Ladislav and Jemimah on this topic, not posted here. You Know Who has posted insulting comments before. He/she is an idiot, and I would ban his/her posts, except that the banning mechanism that Prit developed for this blog script isn't working -- I have been meaning to contact Prit about that. I think that You Know Who, by whatever name he/she uses on the forum, should be banned there too. It is just so nasty, when all I have are thoughts of being helpful to all Puppy developers and users. Username: 14 Aug 2010, 10:18
"01756"'IP Banned"BarryK"You Know Who's IP address is, which I have banned. Not perfect, as IP addresses are often dynamically assigned. A useful modification to the blog Perl script would be to allow glob wildcards to ban a range of IP addresses -- which does of course risk banning someone else. For the information of everyone, You Know Who has made vile posts to this blog before, that I have deleted.

Nobel Prize winners expulsion
Username: cthisbear
" Honestly Barry I thought that " You Know Who " was offering a fine social comment on one of our rivals Linux OS. Or perhaps it was Vista or Win 7 that he was poking fun at with the statemenship and oratory of Winston Churchill and a bit of Shakespeare thrown in. Whatever ... I hear you " You Know Who ". Scholastic ability is your number 1 asset. You have won my vote for the most thought provoking and yet strangely tender advice for Our benevolent dictator BK. Of course I had to check that indeed it wasn't me under a car ranting while trying to fix something mechanically maligned. No! not me said my neighbours after they downed their earmuffs. Thank goodness for that. Maybe I can make a Penpal of this fellow. I certainly think that I will be able to converse with and understand him.

No. 2
Username: bigpup
"[img][/img] This says it all!

Username: aarf
"playdayz wrote: "and we thank all of the honest and honorable people who helped" i take exception to being slandered in this manner.

Username: aarf
"[code]IP address is in Belo Horizonte, Brazil[/code] possibly language misinterpretation? Brazil speaks Portuguese

Who is the idiot?
Username: You Knows Who
"Of course I was an idiot to insult you, BK... You don't even deserve that!!! But what about you? That IP was from a public Wi-Fi router... so, you're not hurting me, but just innocents. (assuming anyone in Belo Horizonte is interested in Puppy... hahaha) This one is from Portugal... a University, I suppose. Go on , Barry hahaha

Fuck off
Username: Iguleder
"Stop wasting your time, You Knows Who. Don't be an idiot. In a perfect world, people like you should to be arrested just for being assholes. Don't you dare to speak this way to people like Barry. Barry does a lot for the Puppy community and created wonderful pieces of art many enjoy. You're just a lazy and unthankful scum. And learn some English, for your own sake.

Username: 01micko
"Iguleder, You are a smart dude, please don't sink to the level of some other fools and post profanity, especially here. You are also feeding this troll, he obviously revels in his own dung pile. Barry, I wouldn't blame you if you locked your blog again, although it does put devs at a big disadvantage.

Or another blog
Username: BarryK
"Or, I could setup another blog, one that is guaranteed highly secure, with registration by email and requiring manual approval by me.

Username: Raffy
"Great release of 5.1 !!! The localization (non-US) seems to be an issue (taking from shinobar's inputs), so the earlier this is resolved in the main release, the better (say, in 5.1.1). The funny part is that the new LuPu users are being directed to at least 3 new sites: (playdayz') (01micko's) (shino's) I thought that if it is an official release, it does not follow the footsteps of a puplet? :) In this light, when shall we look forward to LuPu's use of a pup_save, instead of a lupusave? (Sorry, guys, I have raised this matter with the LuPu devs in the past.)

PPLOG ok, part 2
Username: Raffy
"Duh, what happened there?! Maybe a 3:00 AM effect. :) I was simply trying to say that PPLOG is already doing well, so no need to fix anything.

Username: hazelem
"insulting scams are not uncommon and the best way to deal with them is to IGNORE. the 15.august posts by 01micko and bigpup say it all. there are two ways to ignore: a. mentally = read and forget b. technically = dump the post using an algorithm for recognition of 'bad' language. as to Barry`s "or another blog" : a scum WILL use anyone`s mail-address as easily as any IP-address - and many of us who don`t want to go through a registration procedure (for reasons of comfort) would be put off. so, keep up the 'democratic' open blog !

Username: drongo
"I don't know what You Know Who's problem is for sure, but from the context of his messages I can take a guess. Wasn't there someone making a comment about Brazilian localisation before? He was saying that there is no such language as Brazilian as they speak a variant of Portuguese. Seems to have a major bee in his bonnet.

Username: manueldias
"I am a Portuguese GNU/Linux user and I am ashamed of the "You know who" person wrote and claiming that he/she is from Portugal. I really hope not and if really is from my country I would appreciate that he/she would kill him/herself. To the community, I would like to inform that in Portugal there are a lot of GNU/Linux users and some of them are greatfull for the excellent job that people like Barry Kauler is doing Dear Barry Kauler, Although I am not a regular user of your software, I appreciate your work and I would like to apologize for that idiot.

Thanks BK and all
Username: SportsGeek
"I'm a n00b+1 (i.e. just a little more than a n00b) as far as Linux is concerned. Running Lupu from LiveUSB on an Acer netbook. Works great! I want to say I appreciate all the work that has been done in developing a great product. I have a bunch of little requests for enhancements, but that's normal in my experience. I'll find a place in the Forums to submit them. FYI- my daughter just bought a Chihuahua, and he's so cute. We all love him.

Username: Rosendo
"Thank you for all the work you have done, and the people that have commented with links to change LuPu to another language, I have already downloaded and try it but I couldn't configured out to Spanish. The Spanish is not my mothertown and I'm really happy that I have been using Linux for at least 8 years, maybe someday i could work to have the Linux in my language which is Mam, a Maya language that is spoked for about a million people.

Re root
Username: BarryK
"See the FAQ:

Must I run as root user?
Username: pvsurfer
"Sorry Barry, I just read the FAQs, but I'm such a noob (to Linux) I probably didn't recognize the answer when I saw it. :(

Username: ockhamwasright
"I hadn't intended to contribute to this thread because I don't consider myself sufficiently knowledgeable about the subtle nuances of deploying a Linux distribution to have my voice mean very much. Still, having read the obscenity-laced tirade above, it seemed reasonable to chime in from the 'grateful end-user' community. To that end: From the unwashed multitude, bravo! Lucid Puppy 5.1.1 (which I am using to post this message) represents the stunningly clever implementation of a seemingly infinite array of remarkably good ideas. The people who devoted the time to make it so deserve the gratitude of an entire (generally silent) population of people who simply want their computer to work. The fact that is does so at lightening speed and with paralleled flexibility is just an added bonus. There can only be three types of people reviewing this distribution: 1) Those who are inclined to stay with their current OS because it is comfortable and familar - but who would still have great respect for the achievement; 2) Those who will enthusiastically (and with gratitude to its developers) use this distribution; and 3) those who for whatever reason haven't had a single creative urge since the Carter administration. I, and I suspect many others, fall into category two and from all of us, thank you. Bravo!

Kudos BarryK
Username: Obi
"Hi Barry, I want to congratulate you on all your works and contributions to the Linux community. Do not let anyone put you down. There is a saying "Silence is the best answer for a fool" (or an ungrateful ignoramus). You have done a wonderful job by creating Puppy Linux. Keep up the good work! My name is Obi from Nigeria, and I have been using Puppy Linux (on a USB) for a long time in rescuing Windows PCs. A salvo salute to you! * * * * * * * Bravo!

Links don't work
Username: Tim
"Hi, The first two links on this page do not work - Realease Notes and Live CD... This makes getting the distro somewhat harder - but then I find this happens a lot in 'Linux World'. Ubuntu and Mint make downloads simple and easy to indentify - why not the others, who seam to go out of their way to make the process difficult - i.e. have mirrors with 20 different ISOs to choose from.... Thanks.

Re 5.1 links
Username: BarryK
"Yeah, you are not the first person to report that. This matter will have to be raised with 'playdayz', the coordinator of Lucid 5.x, as he created them.

5.1 links new location
Username: pemasu
" seems to be new location for those files.

merry christmas
Username: Vincent
" Regards, really sweet Puppy.

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