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Another Wary coming

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
Just a short post to let everyone know what is happening. I have been getting tired of Spup, decided to give it a rest. I'm going back onto Wary.

This is Puppy built from T2 packages and Xorg 7.3+, plus one of the long-term-support kernels. The last release of Wary had the kernel.

I am just about to compile the kernel, which is the most recent with long-term-support.

I am also toying with the idea of converting all the T2 packages into PETs, so it will build entirely from PET packages, in the same way Puppy 4.x builds in Woof.

In my current mood, see previous post about KMS, this is going to be a relief.

Stay tuned!


Puppy from raw packages
Username: Iguleder
Barry, can you provide Woof with any instructions for the creation of Puppy from raw packages as the packages T2 outputs (all those .tar.bz2 in the T28.0rc repo)? I have almost 100 packages I compiled manually for my own distro (took 2 days, all manually, got some serious headache) and I'd like to try to make a Puppy from them. I tried to see how things work with Quirky, but your code is complex (don't get me wrong, I like it, I really like that) and I don't really understand how certain things work."22 Jul 2010, 18:13"01737"'Re raw T2 packages"BarryK"That is all documented in Woof. You use the 0pre script to import raw T2 packages and create the packages database file. The script has comments in it with explanation I think. Username: 22 Jul 2010, 19:15
"01737"'Welcome news "Terryphi"Great news. Nothing works as reliably for me as the T2 builds."22 Jul 2010, 22:33"01737"'T2 update"Tony"Hi Barry, I am sure you have already seen this re T2 SDE, not sure if it's relevant Cheers Tony"22 Jul 2010, 22:46"01737"'we need to simplify puppy"linuxcbon"We need to simplify puppy. Here is food for thought : - don't use T2 but compile manually and write your own scripts. - don't include so many progs, choose the smallest. - we need to find replacements for big progs like seamonkey, flash, abiword, mplayer, gparted, gnumeric. - do we need nvidia.ko and ? Username: 23 Jul 2010, 2:13
"01737"'Bring back Quirky...please :)"panzerpuppy"Wary is nice, but what I'd really like to see is another updated release of the standard Quirky :) The true T2/Woof-based Quirky, not those bloated other distro compatible derivatives. Username: 23 Jul 2010, 4:17
"01737"'spup orphaned?"edoc"Is spup to be orphaned at 040 or merely on the shelf for a few weeks? Luci, Wary, and Quirky all presented more problems here than did spup - so we were really hoping to see it move to an even more stable Beta. Is Luci now the preferred "production" version while Wary (instead of spup) becomes the more-supported alternative (where Luci cannot be made to play nicely on a particular machine - or with a particular app)?"23 Jul 2010, 8:29"01737"'Re Spup"BarryK"As stated in my first post, Spup is getting a "rest". I'll get back to it. My latest unreleased 0.4.2 is running well, I just got tired of it. The thing is, do I want to release a "final" of Spup? I've been having second thoughts, not sure if I want to get into that again. I could just bring it to pre-release status and if any small team of Puppy developers wanted to smarten it up a bit more and release a final, then they could do it. Username: 23 Jul 2010, 8:50
"01737"'I think it's a nice idea"Iguleder"I'd be proud to take part in a spup team ... another chance for those who don't get along with Lupu and don't want to drop to 4.3.1. I think it's great. Just need someone to lead this thing, I'm pretty sure many people will appreciate such effort."23 Jul 2010, 17:01"01737"'SNS bug"Iguleder"Barry, I found some problem with SNS. It doesn't add a loopback device: ifconfig lo up CUPS won't start without this."23 Jul 2010, 19:28"01737"'No alternatives"gjuhasz"For me, Quirky or Spup are not alternatives of Wary. They simply don't run on my ancient laptop (Toshiba Tecra 8000). In contrast, Quirky/Spup run on my desktop well and can be virtualized under VMware or VirtualBox anywhere. In contrast, Wary cannot be virtualized and fails to run on my desktop(s). So, one can say that Spup is an alternative to Quirky. But neither of them can substitute Wary ... unless, Wary, suddenly, unexpextedly but hopefully, becomes compatible with newer (i.e., less ancient) architectures. Barry, thank you in advance."23 Jul 2010, 21:59"01737"'3g modem"adi"If this will be for old laptops can I find a pet for my 3g modem? In the network wizard I can find only gprs modem. "24 Jul 2010, 4:55"01737"'Re loopback device"BarryK"Iguleder, is up, just run 'ifconfig' to see it. Done in /etc/rc.d/rc.network_basic, called from rc.sysinit. Username: 24 Jul 2010, 8:20
"01737"'I don't have it"Iguleder"Barry, I know about that, I saw that in network_basic. ifconfig shows only eth0. Clean session of Lupu 503."24 Jul 2010, 15:18"01737"'Re interface lo"BarryK"Iguleder, In that case I don't know. In all puppies I have built, typing 'ifconfig' shows interface 'lo'( is up. Username: 26 Jul 2010, 19:17
"01737"'On searching for a Programming Language..."dionicio"Dear Barry: I have followed your search for a language, your Vala/Genie explorations... I stumbled here: If you have the time and mood, please guide me expressing your feelings about this: From: "Haskell's feature set lets us replace much of our use of little languages (e.g., bash or awk) and two-level languages (C or C++ bound to an interpreted language), allowing for faster development, better code sharing and ultimately faster implementations." Username: 29 Jul 2010, 2:55

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