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Busybox depmod works

September 21, 2010 — BarryK
There is a report posted here, that the Busybox depmod applet is not working:

However, Busybox depmod does work, I sorted that out ages ago.

Just to confirm, I have booted Quirky 1.3RC with "pfix=ram" and when I type "modinfo usb-storage", it is there, in the 'initrd' directory.

Quirky, Wary and Slackpup all use ''.

It may be that the "4.3.2" build is choosing an older Busybox PET that has an inadequate 'depmod' applet -- the early versions were buggy. Look in /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages to see what package is being used.


busybox-20090725 package
Username: clarf
Thanks for reply Barry, I see a busybox-20090725 package in the woof-installed-packages file, using terminal busybox shows V.1.15.0. This version should not have the depmod problem Barry, anyway ttuuxxx must test again with your newest busybox package. I understand Woof can be configured with different packages version to add flexibility, users can choose newer or older packages to control size and functionality. But I think Woof should included necessary warnings/information (please, forget my comment if this is already implemented in Woof), when a specific package version affects the global functionality and itīs critical to the correct system stability, like busybox version in this particular case. Thanks again Barry, Salutes, clarf

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