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Forked Woof

September 11, 2010 — BarryK
I have forked Woof, to work on a new system with simplified filenames.

In this forked-Woof I have renamed 'fsckme.err' to 'fsckme.flg' The .err extension was causing confusion. The modified scripts are rc.sysinit, rc.shutdown. sbin/initNEW and init in the initramfs.

Forked-Woof will be used to build the next Quirky, as Quirky is the test-bed to trying new ideas. More details soon.


Simplified filenames
Username: BarryK
I am implementing the simplified filenames for the next Quirky. This has enabled significant simplification of the 'init' script down from 1621 lines to 1432 lines. I have been working on the new init script all morning. I'll do some checking this afternoon then do a test build of Quirky.

init smaller
Username: BarryK
"Yay, 'init' is now down to 1378 lines. There's a section of code in 'init' that searches for Puppy files, and I have made that much nicer and smaller. Anyway, I have to test it first, then if/when it works properly I will start writing about what has been done.

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