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Kernel recompiled

September 04, 2010 — BarryK
I have recompiled the kernel used in Puppy 4.3.1, configured exactly the same so that it will still work with all the 3rd-party kernel drivers out there. The only change is that I have upgraded the Aufs (layered filesystem) driver.

There are a couple of important reasons for this:

1. Direct save
When Puppy is installed to a Flash drive, the working top-layer of the filesystem is in RAM, however when a package is installed it gets written direct to the save-file on the Flash drive (at least this is how it works in all recent Woof-built puppies). Aufs needed to be upgraded to support this properly.

2. PUPMODEs 6/7
There are a couple of PUPMODEs in which the main Puppy SFS file (exs: wary-070.sfs, pup-431.sfs) is resident on one layer of the layered filesystem but also needs to be mounted via a loop device as another layer. Aufs needs to be especially patched to allow this.

The latest source is to be found here, including an SFS source file:
Username: p#up#py Password l#in#ux (remove the #'s)

The site also has a README:

Comments rebuild problems
Username: scsijon
Hi, I seem to have a lot of missing libraries with trying to install any puppy5 or lucid pets with the rebuilt directory version? At least with a frugal. On the other hand, using the later kernal core 34.1 version was ok. was there something missed? regards scsijon

don't understand
Username: BarryK
"I don't understand the question.

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