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More pkgs compiled for Wary

September 28, 2010 — BarryK
I have a little bit of time in the mornings and evenings between work at the Royal Show, to either do some painting or work on Puppy.

This morning I have compiled some more packages. I like wary and am positioning it for long-term support. In view of that, I want all of it's packages to be compiled in Wary -- currently some of them are compiled in Quirky.

Today I compiled hunspell, gcc (because the pkg compiled in T2 has a bug -- see earlier log posts), enchant, wv (1.2.5), cdparanoia, libyahoo2, ayttm (20100923).

Run out of time, have to get ready for work.

Was surprised day before yesterday -- I was standing outside the Entertainmant Theatre where I work at the Royal Show and a guy asked "Are you Barry?". Turns out he's a Puppy fan. He reads my blog but has not posted to it or the forum.

The job is quite good. The Entertainment Theatre has a series of programs throughout the day:

Molly the Wonder Dog
Bill Casse, magician
Cosentino, escape artist
Various acts from Croatia

I am an usher and bouncer. I stand at the door, help mums to park their prams, find empty seats, close the door when the theatre is full. I answer numerous questions, mostly from people passing by looking for something at the Show -- like, where is an ATM, where is the ice sculpture. Great stuff!


capacity utilisation

Long Term Support
Username: Terryphi
"Barry: I was interested to see that you are positioning Wary for long term support. I currently have Wary and Quirky on my machines (both work on them) but really should choose one or the other. LTS appeals to me so is Wary the one to choose?

Busybox 1.17.2
Username: BarryK
"I'll post some thoughts about Wary and invite discussion after I get home. Just online briefly. I have compiled busybox 1.17.2 for Wary. Changes since last compile (1.16.2 in Quirky): [b]archival utilities[/b]: tar/rpm/modprobe etc now understand .xz turned on autodetect compressed tarballs unxz applet added [b]console utilities:[/b] loadfont/setfont: support for PSF2 console fonts, support for old (raw) console fonts [b]module utilities:[/b] modinfo applet added

Something weird
Username: Iguleder
"Barry, I've noticed the Busybox 1.17.2 mount lets me use more than 8 loop devices. When I do so, the util-linux-ng one won't let me mount again ("unable to find a free loop device" or whatever it was) while the Busybox one mounts properly :) I also like the fact the Busybox mount doesn't require "-o loop". I find this useful in my distro, which is a SFS-only distro. Infinite loop devices, hurray for Busybox :D

Username: disciple
"> What does long term mean? We'll have automatic updates several years? We don't get automatic updates to start with :) What does "support" mean? New versions will be released with the same core but whatever program updates you feel like?

More pkgs compiled
Username: BarryK
"I have compiled more pkgs in Wary: abiword 2.8.6 sane-backends 1.0.21 xsane 0.997-patched seamonkey 2.0.7 geany 0.19.1 Plus retrovol and obmixer, posted separately about those.

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