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Painting again

September 16, 2010 — BarryK
I have been making more improvements to the rationalised filenames and streamlined 'init' script, in particular to make it seamlessly backwards compatible. I will document this.

However, a bit of a hiccup as I will be going to my relative's place again for a couple of days, painting the kitchen this time.

I am hoping to release Quirky 1.3 in 4-5 days.


Wary patch
Username: gjuhasz
Good to hear that a new Quirky is coming soon. I am eager to test whether ancient machines could run it. However, I hope that there is a chance to release a Wary patch in the close future. In all Warys, testdoc.doc kills Abiword. Have a nice weekend at your relative.

Painting trip
Username: 8-bit
"I am just curious if you take the Puppy mascot along on your trips. Mine, a 3 year old female black lab figures if I go anywhere with my pickup, she is included and piles into the cab and snuggles up to me wanting affection! P.S. She also loves jalapeno corn dogs. :-)

Tags: puppy