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pfix=noram is back

September 15, 2010 — BarryK
The question was posted recently about when this kernel boot option got removed from Puppy. I checked, it was taken out back in July 2008.

There is the opposite, "pfix=copy", but that is conditional on there being enough RAM.

I have revised this logic in the 'init' script, and I think that it is more useful to have the old "pfix=noram" for when you want a definite do not copy the .sfs file(s) to RAM.


pupsave at start vs. end
Username: technosaurus
I don't recall if it was pizzasgood or ttuuxxx that mentioned something like this before, but it may be useful. I went through the shutdown script and used it to create an empty pupsave file manually and then tried various compression methods on it. bzip2 will compress a 1GB save file down to a couple kb (ext2 + bzip2 compressed the best) ... possibly useful for a quick way of creating a save file at first startup instead of waiting until first shutdown. Not sure the best place to add it to startup though except after device is mounted and before files start getting saved to the new /

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