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PupDial: integration with Wizard

September 01, 2010 — BarryK
When my Simple Network Setup is run, after a successful connection it asks if you want to start the firewall and also make SNS the default when click on the desktop 'connect' icon or the network tray icon.

I have added this to PupDial also, not by modifying the 'pupdial' script but by creating a new script /usr/sbin/pupdial_wizard_helper, that is called from /usr/sbin/connectwizard.

'pupdial_wizard_helper' runs as a separate process and monitors PupDial. If a successful Internet connection is made, a dialog pops up and asks about the firewall and default.

Note that the default network connection tool is stored at /usr/local/bin/defaultconnect. At first startup, this has "connectwizard" in it, if PupDial is chosen as default then it will have "pupdial" in it. Or more exactly:

exec pupdial

I suppose in theory, this functionality could be merged into the 'pupdial' script. But, it seems to work fine as-is.


minimp3 30kb static
Username: technosaurus
I came across a very tiny mp3 player a while back and compiled it against puppy's gnu libc and libm but recently I wanted to see if I could remove even those dependencies and ended up compiling it against static dietlibc. It is only 30kb and runs in less than 500[b]kb[/b] of RAM with 0% CPU load on my 1.6Ghz laptop. If you have ever wanted to integrate sound into the startup or just have always reliable and minimal mp3 capability, this is it. I have posted the sources and binaries in this thread:

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