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Quirky 1.3 Release Candidate

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
This is built from the "forked" Woof that I have been discussing recently, and is an opportunity to evaluate the changes in Puppy files and streamlined searching in the 'init' script. If it turns out to be basically sane, I will bump this RC to the final release.

Note that there have been some application upgrades since 1.2, but not much, as I have been working on Slackpup, Wary and Woof in the interim. I expect that most, maybe all, apps in Wary will work in Quirky, so the 'puppy-wary' repo can be in the PPM.

1.3 is built with the kernel and also has the commercial Nvidia Xorg driver. The .iso file is 112MB -- note, if I had built without the Nvidia driver it would have been 107MB.

Release announcement and release-notes (which does not mention that it is RC):

Download the live-CD (112.5MB):
Md5sum: 6170740b60f8271ff37fd963456b12cf

Download the development .sfs (104.8MB):
Md5sum: 4887911282c496efb266f5c64dca9505

There are also delta files from 1.2:

I have not built a "retro" Quirky this time, as I am targeting Wary for that purpose.


Quirky 1.3 Looks Good
Username: perthie
I tried a variety of frugal installs to different media and they all worked. When I run the SNS, it pops up a yaf-splash message in a font that is almost unreadable.

USB+Subfolder Works
Username: perthie
"I made a GRUB-bootable flash drive and put Quirky 1.3 in /puppies/quirky. GRUB booted it successfully by just using "pmedia=usbflash".

Username: DaveS
"Wonderfully sane Barry. EVERYTHING I use working including Abiword :) About to throw SM 2.1 alpha 3 at it!

Wrong Samba Client
Username: perthie
"Quirky 1.3 still has the old /opt/samba package with the deprecated smbmount and smbspool commands. I believe that Wary has the samba-client-3.0.37-s131 package which works properly with both Windows shared folders and printers.

Username: perthie
"On a frugal install to a hard drive, pfix=nocopy appears to be the default, even if the machine has lots of memory. I have to use pfix=copy to make the sfs load into RAM. FWIW, pfix=nocopy frees up a lot of memory with no significant loss of speed on my everyday machine.

Pwallpaper does not work
Username: gjuhasz
"Thanks, Barry. Quirky 1.3 seems to be very fast and stable. Static Seamonkey 2.1b1 unpacked on HDD then linked - works fine Compatible with VirtualBox / VMware Country localization OK [i]Minor issues: [/i] Pwallpaper does not work (no need for this: ROX backdrop is enough) Creates swap file despite of an existing Linux swap partition.

No X and no net?
Username: capoverde
"Booted Quirky 1.3RC (MD5 check OK) with pfix=ram to ignore the former qrkysave.3fs. Very fast: seemed to work fine, the only little hitch was that no new background could be set, as reported by gjuhasz. After rebooting, saving-to-file and choosing the new savefile, X wouldn't start anymore with Xorg (1280x1024x24, Intel graphic card). Vesa worked, but the screen was a bit shifted: oh well, the monitor's autocorrection got things straight. But the connection was gone too: oddly, the dialogs of both connecting apps said no network interface was detected! Had to reboot with LuPu 5.1 to post this (...phew, for a minute I doubted that my embedded ethernet card was defunct...).

Quirky 1.3RC forum thread
Username: BarryK
"Lobster has started a forum thread for bug reports;

Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry.. are you aware of this driver compiled by tempestuous? It works well for me on my old P3.. I installed it pfix=ram and straight online. With ndiswrapper there is a minor bug. If I choose SNS I get to select the driver but no 'wlan0' button appears, so I go to Dougal's and try to load ndiswrapper that way, it reports 'no new interface detected'. I go back to SNS and the 'wlan0' button is there.. go figure? It was the same in lupu-510, but 511 playdayz included the acx driver at my urgency, straight online with it in SNS. Can you include it in the next Quirky? For those watching on, when I installed the pet pfix=ram I ran.. [i]depmod modprobe acx-mac80211[/i] then the interface appears in SNS. Cheers

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