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Quirky 1.3 released

September 22, 2010 — BarryK
This is built from the "forked" Woof that I have been discussing recently, and is an opportunity to evaluate the changes in Puppy files and streamlined searching in the 'init' script.

Note that there have been some application upgrades since 1.2, but not much, as I have been working on Slackpup, Wary and Woof in the interim. I expect that most, maybe all, apps in Wary will work in Quirky.

1.3 is built with the kernel and also has the commercial Nvidia Xorg driver. The .iso file is 111MB -- note, if I had built without the Nvidia driver it would have been 106MB.

Release announcement and release-notes:

Download the live-CD (111.4MB):
Md5sum: 8fc6617b307f6e28c38cd0d162cb5dc3

Download the development .sfs (104.8MB):
Md5sum: 1ec9790e29e9f559206daa1888bf643e

I have not built a "retro" Quirky this time, as I am targeting Wary for that purpose.


Quirky 1.3 forum thread
Username: BarryK
I have started a feedback thread on the forum:

Q130 ndiswrapper
Username: 01micko
"I reported earlier a bug with ndiswrapper apparently not loading from SNS with my TI Netgear (acx) card on the old P3. Did you fix that? It works as expected now in the final version of qrky-130. I'll test the acx driver posted by tempestuous and report back.(posting from said now) Cheers.

130 acx
Username: 01micko
"Well the acx driver works, but seems a little slower than ndiswrapper.. that was also apparent in 130[b]RC[/b] testing (earlier), not too noticeable. My SB16 Vibra wasn't detected ootb but a cinch to set up with alsa wizard. Any more I'll post to forum.

I give up
Username: jrb2
"OK, Where are these 16 digit ID strings? I didn't follow the explanation when you first talked about them and now I can't find them.:worried Any chance of an "ID strings for dummies" explanation? Thanks, J

Username: GCMArtin
"Most of everything appears to be active and stable. Looks very promisiing. I noticed your news announcement. But, i did not see a line-item for the 1.3 forum. Where should Quirky 1.3 Bugs and Issues be reported? Thanks in advance...

.files in PcurlFtp?
Username: broomdodger
"Two questions: 1) How to show .files in PcurlFtp? 2) How to set utf-8 encoding for rxvt ie console? -Bill

.files in PcurlFtp? answered myself
Username: broomdodger
"1) How to show .files in PcurlFtp? I forgot what I was using. Puppy! Simply click "Left: Show/hide hidden files" Same as any directory. 2) Still need to know.

Save file detection broken after hardware change.
Username: fluxit
"I just swapped out my DVD burner for a different model, and now puppy asks me to choose which save file to load at boot time. 1. /sda1 qrkysave.2fs 2. /sda1 qrkysave.2fs I have searched the disk. There is only one qrkysave.2fs. Everything else seems to be as before after this change.

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