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Quirky 1.3RC: frugal multiple save-files

September 22, 2010 — BarryK
'DaveS' reported in the Quirky 1.3RC feedback thread in the forum that when installed frugally and there is more than one save-file in the installation-directory, Quirky did not ask at bootup, just used one of them.

Yes, I was expecting some little issues to crop up with the new file searching code in the 'init' script.

Fixed it.

01micko mentioned a fix for the acx wireless driver, also there is a patch for the Network Wizard. However, these will have to wait for the next Quirky (or a bug-fix PET ... what does MS call those? a mental block).
I am already uploading 1.3-final, will announce when ready.


"Service Pack"

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