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Shutdown dialog bug

September 26, 2010 — BarryK
I fixed a little bug in the rc.shutdown script. In first shutdown frugal install, a dialog asks if you want to create a save-file. The buttons are supposed to be labeled, but they only display the default <Yes> <No>. This is actually a bug (or feature) of recent versions of 'dialog'. Anyway, I fixed it.


Safe browsing
Username: Iguleder
Barry, I have something nice you could integrate in Woof, the "safe browsing" thing from dpup. Could be a good addition, like the ad blocker. It runs the default browser as the "nobody" user and deletes the profile directory once the browser exits. At the moment it's used in Puppy Squeeze 005 with Seamonkey and it works very well. It's kinda easy to make it work with all browsers, but Opera is problematic - it forks when you run it.

Safe browsing already there
Username: Terryphi
"What Iguleder suggests is unnecessary for most mainstream browsers other than Seamonkey. Opera 10.62 already has the safe browsing option built in: File>New Private Tab Firefox 3.6.10 has: Tools>Start Private Browsing Chromium 6 has New Incognito Window.

Username: GCMartin
"Barry was there possibly an oversite with SeaMonkey inthe latest Quirky? Seems rather dated for some reason....Probably an accident. I see this when Desktop starts and I, say, click Help. This[b] "base" [/b]is my indicator.

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