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Wary 0.7: modem fix

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
Rerwin has advised me that the last modem -7.5 PET was a step too far and may have broken things. My post on -7.5:

Rerwin has advised me what to roll back to fix it, so I have created a PET,, get it from here:

I'm not sure, you might have to reboot after installing the PET.

I'll be mostly offline for a couple of days, but will keep working on Puppy stuff. I will be continuing to help my relative paint a house. She does have a wireless Optus dongle so I can get online to read blog posts etc.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry as painting goes I was a professional painter back in Canada for about 10+ yr's. Too bad I'm not in your area I would lend a hand. Actually for the past 5 months or so I've been helping building a very large church and now they have me painting it for the next 6 or 7 weeks. The best finish for cutting in is always done with a good brush, I only use purdy or wooster products, wooster is a bit better than purdy, but both do the job really well. Both are made in the USA but don't buy them in Australia, a good purdy brush is around $50+ but if you buy them on ebay in the USA you can get a box of 10 for about $100, Sure they are factory seconds, but all that means is that it might be scratched or have a dent on the metal, It doesn't change the quality of the brush. Usually I can paint about 20+ houses with two Purdy brushes. They make really produce nice fine lines, great for when painting doors and you go to Lay-off the paint. Plus Wooster paint poles and roller cages don't break, They have a lifetime warranty. One model of wooster brush has handle that you can bend to the shape of your hand, That stops hand cramps. :) well Its always nice doing things for others. ttuuxxx

Report on modem fix for 070
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry and I guess Rerwin I feel very honoured that you are taking an interest in my little problem.....and taking the time and trouble to find solutions - many thanks. I've tried applying the .pet and am sorry to report that it doesn't seem to have helped - still get a process crash and Killed report if I use modem-stats. I notice from the dmesg outputs that different versions are using different IRQ nmubers - don't know if this is significant? If you would like me to send diagnostics like dmesg output to anybody - just let me know. Enjoy the painting - its very satisfying and therapeutic I find. Cheers Peter in Malvern UK HP550 laptop with Agere HDA modem running Wary 070

SeaMonkey 2.0.7 is out! Time for upgrade :)
Username: panzerpuppy
"SeaMonkey 2.0.7 released with lots of stability and security fixes.

huawei dramas fixed in 5.25 or not?
Username: captain thingo
"I have been using 4.3.1. Good: no problem with my Huawei E1600 USB modem Bad: such a hassle to install apps i don't bother. so 4.3.1 is for surfing only then 5.1.0 Good: Modem still recognised. Can install packages with little fuss and even just unstuff them and run from the name binary Bad: intermittent crashes. Sometimes the modem won't work then 5.1.1 Good: can still install apps pretty well. Seems faster. groovy funky ICE gear Bad: couldn't find the modem if it had whooping cough in a trappist monestary. requires so much fiddling to get it working it defeats the purpose of the operating system to my mind. So. Am i wasting my time downloading 5.25? I'm not rich and I use a prepaid service so 128MB or so may not be much to some of you but it is to me. i don't want to download it if it's just more of the same. Yes, i've looked through your bulletin boards until my eyes crossed with all the jargonese. there are outdated boards from a year ago. There are threads that start dealing with this specific issue then they wander off topic so far it's not worth reading them. 20 or more pages with maybe 50 posts on each page? I just want a simple answer to a simple question. And I'm not a 'noob' either. i've been sampling ixes since xenix! So I can imagine real beginners will just give up looking.

huawei dramas fixed in 5.25 or not?
Username: captain thingo
"For mine the modem issue is one of the *main* issues of the operating system. Everything these days is on the net and I disagree with a poster who said that if they can't get online with pup or win they'll use a friend's connection and get puppy. No.A lot will just say "forget it" and move on. People aren' that devoted. And the poster who's banner says "It's not windows, stop trying to make it so" is wrong. It is a windows based (as in windows - descriptor not brand) operating system. It's the wrong attitude to display unless you want to stay an exclusive little club rather than a widespread competitor to winslop. Mums and Dads don't give a wet spaniel about the ins and outs of the kernel or spending half their lives re-compiling an app. Gotta avoid the bloat trap and make it a simple OS that works properly or you might as well change your name to Ubuntu Oh and well done making people search all over the place before they can even ask you a question here (the mascot name). Why do you place obstacles in the way of getting more users?

Re Huawei modem
Username: BarryK
"captain thingo, Do you mean Lucid Puppy 5.1.x, or Wary Puppy 5.1.x? They are quite different in terms of the wireless USB support. Lucid Puppy is built from an older Woof. I think that rerwin had an upgrade for modems that was considered for inclusion in Lucid 5.2.5 but there were issues so that was deferred. Wary 5.1.1 is built from a recent Woof with substantial work to make wireless USB modem just plug-in-and-go. It works for my modems. The next Wary, probably 5.1.2 will have another upgrade for usb modem detection. Regarding the mascot name, that is an extra precaution against automated spammers and casual manual spammers. Besides, I dodn't want lots of posts on my blog, if someone can't be bothered to find out the Puppy mascot name, then good, I don't want their post. Another besides, most Puppy questions should go to the Puppy Forum, mostly it is developers who post here. If you have a problem with that, that is your problem.

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