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Wary: disable X keyboard extension

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
Jemimah raised this issue, she added '-kb' option when launching Xvesa in Puppeee, to turn off X keyboard extension.

Yes, I found in Wary 0.5.1, when I went to rename a file in a Rox window, the arrow keys did not work. Neither did the home and end keys.

So, I have added '-kb' in /usr/bin/xwin, about line 480:


echo "Starting X with video mode $VIDMODE and mouse $MOUSEDEV..."
#w479 older Xvesa server may not recognise the '-sp' option...
if [ "`Xvesa -help 2>&1 | grep '^\-sp '`" = "" ];then
SPOPTION='-sp /usr/lib/xserver/SecurityPolicy'
#startx $VIDMODE $MOUSEDEV > /tmp/xerrs.txt 2>&1
#Puppy 0.8.4 no need for startx script...
VIDFREQ="`echo -n "$VIDSCRN" | cut -f 4 -d "x"`"
if [ ! "$VIDFREQ" ];then
echo "$VIDMODE" > /tmp/currentvideomode
#w460 added -fp and -sp options... 100819 added '-kb'...
/usr/bin/xinit /root/.xinitrc -- -mode $VIDMODE $XEXTRAOPTIONS -mouse /dev/mouse,$MOUSEBUTTONS -fp /usr/share/X11/fonts/misc/,/usr/share/X11/fonts/TTF/,/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/ $SPOPTION -kb > /tmp/xerrs.log 2>&1
#also, want to have adjustable frequency, VIDSCRN=widthxheightxdepthxfreq...
echo "$VIDSCRN" > /tmp/currentvideomode
/usr/bin/xinit /root/.xinitrc -- -screen $VIDSCRN $XEXTRAOPTIONS -mouse /dev/mouse,$MOUSEBUTTONS -fp /usr/share/X11/fonts/misc/,/usr/share/X11/fonts/TTF/,/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/ $SPOPTION -kb > /tmp/xerrs.log 2>&1

I haven't tested a non-US layout, but I presume that '-kb' will cause Xvesa to revert to the console keyboard layout that is set prior to X starting. Hmmm, perhaps you guys with non-US keyboards could verify that.


Some changes, but still bad
Username: gjuhasz
I use standard hungarian keyboard. After -kb added, some keys, e.g., up, down, are OK. Also, I can get Hungarian accented letters well (őű, maybe you don't see all of them). However, letters that should be typed using Alt-Gr (dollar, at, ampersand, caret, hashmark, semicolon, etc.,) are still inaccessible under Xvesa. Left and right arrows result nothing. Note that all keys are OK during I work out of Xvesa, in command prompt.

xkb and Xvesa
Username: BarryK
"I have made a discovery. Wary 0.5.1 (and earlier) has /etc/X11/xkb taken from Quirky, but that is Xorg 7.5. I got the /etc/X11/xkb directory from Puppy 4.1, hey presto the arrow keys work without the '-kb'! I will work as quick as possible to fix these issues, get Wary 0.5.2 out soon.

Username: mach64
"I'm on the Xvesa now with -kb added, works good - 24bit - no xgamma correction though... Any way to set gamma? Xorg worked good as well. fast and very low memory use.

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