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Wary: PPM fixes

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
I fixed a few things in the Puppy Package Manager, mostly when running Wary.

There was a problem, unable to choose the 'puppy-quirky' repository. Fixed.

The window that showed a list of URLs to download a PET from had duplicate entries. Fixed.

A package database entry no longer needs to have anything in the path field (in the case of PET pkgs):


If 'path' field empty, PPM is able to figure out the correct subdirectory on the repo, as long as it follows the format 'pet_packages-$NAME, where $NAME is the third field in the name of the file that has the db entries. For example, 'Packages-puppy-wary5-official' would have the pkgs in path pet_packages-wary5 on the repository.

If you don't follow that naming scheme, then 'path' field must be specified.


Incompatible packages
Username: gjuhasz
Although Wary 0.6 is stable and far faster than the other recent puppies I tested, it's good to hear that Wary 0.7 will be issued soon. Only for the record: There are some packages offered by PPM that are incompatible with Wary (I failed to install them on different oldish hardware). I am not sure the below list is complete: Important packages, such as nvidia-195.36.15-k2.6.33.2 (different kernel) libgl1-mesa-dri-7.0.3.-i386-dpup (missing deps?) Also, there are nice-to-have but popular packages that are still problematic in Wary, such as midori-2.7 (midori_lucid-5.1.1 needs tweaks) pwidgets (pwidgets-2.0.8 kills geany) Problems waiting to be solved: Wary cannot run under virtualized environment (VMware, VirtualBox). A support package could cure this. Built-in packages cannot be easily removed

Re problematic pkgs
Username: BarryK
"Wary 0.7 will have mesa in it, and PPM will filter out any other pkgs, so the one you mentioned will not be offered for installation. Yes, nvidia will have to be compiled for the kernel. I haven't done that yet as I am planning to upgrade the kernel just after releasing 0.7. I don't expect Lucid packages to work in Wary.

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