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Wary: Xorg rdc driver

September 20, 2010 — BarryK
The saga with getting Puppy running on the Gecko Edubook can be seen if you type "gecko" into the search box on the left.

Wary is probably the best Puppy for running on the Gecko. With the kernel, audio, wireless, ethernet all work, and it powers-off.

DMP/RDC provide a Xorg driver for the Vortex86mx chip, but it does not work with Xorg 7.5. Fortunately, Wary uses Xorg 7.3+, so we are in business. I have compiled it and the next Wary will have it.

I have version 0.7 of the vortex86mx (RDC) driver, which does have a problem with the mouse pointer changing to something strange. I don't know if there is a later version of the RDC driver, I can't find the original site where the developers upload the source (I used to know) -- only have this site:

...which has the v0.7 source.

I have an installation page that I wrote awhile ago:


Gecko Xorg driver

That's because...
Username: Anonymous Coward
"The graphics component of the chip is manufactured by RDC Semiconductor, or at least, the logic intellectual property is held by them. This is why hwinfo reports the graphics chip as an RDC R3306. Found a russian site that might prove interesting:

Sources for the driver
Username: Fernando
"I have downloaded the sources for 0.7 version from: (there is versioned as 1.0) There are another version, 0.2, but it have only the binary driver and doesn't works if the Xorg version is different to the one they use. I have tried to get this to work in a Debian Lenny based distribution called Lihuen, but it doesn't work because of the version of Xorg. Username: 17 May 2010, 9:10
"01519"'Sources for the driver"Fernando"When I wrote version 0.2, I really should wrote 2.0 :) 2.0 is the newest version of this driver, but it comes without this sourcecode."17 May 2010, 9:46"01519"'

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