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Woof uploaded, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010 — BarryK
The last upload was September 3, used to build Wary 0.7. These are the commits that I have made since then:

after release wary 070, modem problem, applied modem_fix_wary070-1, modem_fix_pack-7.5-woof_patch pets
partially applied playdayz files to sync woof for lucid 5.1.2
have synced playdayz files lucid 5.1.2 to woof
oh, bump DISTRO_VERSION to 512 in HISTORY_DISTRO_SPECS_TEMPLATE_Ubuntu_Lucid_Lynx_Lupu

...but search my blog for more details.

I have not tested the new files for building Lucid "5.1.2". '1download' should now download the correct kernel. '3builddistro' and '' should now offer the 'puppy-lucid' repo in PPM. In the first tab when run 'woof_gui', the template 'HISTORY_DISTRO_SPECS_TEMPLATE_Ubuntu_Lucid_Lynx_Lupu' can be chosen to configure to build Lucid 5.1.2.

For introduction and instructions to download Woof, go here:

So, if you have previously downloaded Woof, all you have to do this time is run this in the Woof project directory to update to the latest Woof files:

# bones download

Bones also has a GUI, just type "bones<RETURN>".


Bulding Lucid 5.1.2pre
Username: playdayz
I tested by building from scratch and stripe also served as guinea pig and built from scratch. stripe said the whole process took about 5 hours I think--about the same for me--that's with high bandwidth dsl for me--the downloading of all the deb and pet packages takes an hour or more. And building the packages takes another good while. Once all that is done actually building the distro only takes 10-15 minutes. Of course the downloading and building of the packages only has to be done once and they can be used to build and rebuild the distro. I tried to make it so that anyone can build Lucid Puppy 5.1.2pre simply by following the 1-2-3 steps in Woof, with no need for any "manual" adjustments. And once one sees how Woof works then they can start making their own changes. If you are new, you should start with Barry's instructions for installing Woof. You'll need about 10GB free on a Linux drive and high bandwidth internet unless you are extraordinarily patient. Thanks.

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