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Xorg Wizard: fixed switching 'intel' and 'i810'

September 01, 2010 — BarryK
These are alternate Intel drivers, available in Wary. You can explicitly choose one of them in the Xorg Wizard, but I found a bug if you choose 'i810' then later choose 'intel' -- the '' driver file gets deleted. Fixed.


Switching between vesa, nv and nvidia
Username: gjuhasz
Switching to nvidia (from nv or vesa) is problematic, too. I still cannot use nvidia driver for my nvidia GeForce 6200 card in Wary. Maybe this is a driver incompatibility problem - I found nvidia pets only for different kernels. Solved, after hours of battle(s), in Slackpup and (mainly in earlier) Lucis. But I cannot reproduce how I succeed. The pop-up hints seem to be obsolete or inappropriate. In spite of the above, I am a fan of Wary 0.6 ...

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