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Aufs2.1 broken on kernel

October 18, 2010 — BarryK
I have reported this to the Aufs mail list:

Badly broken. I got Aufs2.1 from git on October 14, it is the only patch on pristine source, configured as I have done it many times before. I also checked that I am using aufs2-util from 2.1 git.

There is a lot wrong, but something to start with: I have a file in a partition. If I copy that into the layered filesystem, it seems to be the same, same size and permissions, but gives a different md5sum. I was testing a tarball, and 'tar' also gave errors when tried to expand it in the layered f.s.

However, the kernel, configured the same, with Aufs2.1 from git October 6, works ok. I did an extra check to be sure. The same tarball, md5sum was ok, tar worked.

Earlier, I have built Puppy Linux with the kernel and Aufs2 patch from git on June 26, and that also was ok. That kernel was also configured the same.

Someone else has reported that works, doesn't.

Well, this is bad news for me, as a lot of effort is waisted. I either have to roll back to an earlier Aufs2, or wait until it is fixed. Then I have to go through the entire process of compiling the kernel again, and probably will need to re-do all the 3rd-party modules, then of course re-upload lots of files.



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