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BootFlash bug fixes

October 26, 2010 — BarryK
01micko reported that BootFlash utility in latest Woof (and Wary 092) does not copy the .sfs file(s) from the .iso file to the USB drive. Yes, under certain circumstances that can happen. Fixed.

I also fixed a couple of other things in the /usr/sbin/bootflash script:

One fix is the yaf-splash displays do not disappear on mouse-over.

Another fix was that it was setting pmedia=usbflash (in syslinux.cfg) even for a USB hard drive. Fixed so now sets pmedia=usbhd for a hard drive.


Another bug
Username: Iguleder
Barry, there's another problem - something doesn't fork so the tray icons still don't appear before you close the first-run stuff. I tried to make the new gtkdialog first-run wizard fork and added "&" to the gtkdialog call, it doesn't solve this issue. I have a question - why can't the /root/Startup stuff move to the beginning of delayedrun, or be executed after critical stuff (like the USB driver removal warning and low RAM warning)?

Tray icons startup
Username: BarryK
"In my testing, as soon as you do a mouse-over on the message at top of screen the gtkdialog welcome window appears, and after a 3 second delay the tray icons all appear -- even while the welcome window is still there. But then, Wary doesn't have your first-run script.

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