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/etc/modprobe.conf removed

October 20, 2010 — BarryK
This file is deprecated, so I have removed it.

The bulk of the content is now in /etc/modprobe.d/puppy.conf, and the sound related entries are moved to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf.

I have looked through all the scripts in Woof and fixed a few that referenced modprobe.conf.


mms links in web pages
Username: upnorth
Hi Barry: I installed this in wary09 to test what worked in dpup10. I can now click on mms:// uris in web pages and the link opens smplayer and plays (as i have it set up in wary09). I haven't tested this yet with a pfix=ram environment in wary. Also, you may need to create the new boolean of network.protocol-handler.expose.mms false so that it should prompt for an application the first time instead of giving the error message. I'll test in a clean wary environment tomorrow.

View mms streams with Opera browser
Username: Terryphi
"Following on from upnorth's post above,using the libmms0 package mms streams can also be played with the Opera browser and gnome-mplayer. Here is how to set up Opera: Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Programs Click on "Add" Protocol: mms Open with other application: /usr/bin/gnome-mplayer Click on "OK" twice to close both dialog boxes. Browse to to confirm that you can now view mms streams.

Username: kirk
"Barry, Where these the only scripts you had to change? pup_event_backend_modprobe rc.update functions4puppy4

mms streams
Username: rjbrewer
"Tried both the libmms and expose-all options in Wary 09. Still get mms not enabled. On my Wary install with 1.1.18 Seamonkey, a regular about:config mms setup works fine without libmms or expose -all mods. lists different stream types. Wary 09 does not have "gnome-mplayer" in /usr/bin. It has /usr/bin/gmplayer.

mms streams
Username: rjbrewer
" Okay Up North; Finally got it working with Warys Seamonkey and libmms. Seems it needed the "expose" boolean instead of the "external" boolean; not both.

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