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Nvidia PET for

October 10, 2010 — BarryK
Thanks to 01micko who has created this, for the kernel, in Wary 0.9.

I did create one, but haven't tested it -- it is in the Wary5 repo.

I have uploaded 01micko's PET to the Wary5 repo:

...just download and click on it to install.

Oh yes, 01micko has also posted documentation on what Nvidia cards are supported by this PET:


Username: 01micko
Hi Barry I also posted the really old nvidia pet too (link on forum post you refer to). It supports old riva/vanta/TNT cards and works wonderfully well on my old clunker. After xorg-7.3 these old things are unsupported. I wonder if CatDude or someone can take care of the 96 series (for mx440s and the like) and the 173 series? Oh yeah, bigpup wants ati stuff.. unfortunately I only have an oldish radeon-9200-pro that the proprietary driver doesn't support. The xorg driver does do HW acceleration though. Cheers

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