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obmixer_tray, retrovol 0.8 patched

October 04, 2010 — BarryK
My satellite Internet connection is awful tonght. Gets this way sometimes, I suspect the satellite is overloaded. The issue is that transfer just stops, dead, no transfers. I just have to wait, from a few minutes to an hour. Tonight it is dropping out frequently, like every 5 minutes. Anyway, soldiering-on...

Jemimah has done something very good. She has patched pizzasgood's retrovol and removed the tray applet component. I suggested this to pizzasgood awhile back but he didn't want to do it. I have a couple of problems with the retrovol tray-applet: it segfaults sometimes, and the background color has to be specified when the applet is launched.

Note though, Jemimah has not fully removed the tray applet components -- the setup dialog still has stuff to configure the non-existent tray applet.

Obmixer is a nice volume control tray applet, and Jemimah has modified that so that via the right-click menu it will launch the retrovol mixer.

Jemimah has posted about this to the forum:

I edited the icons in obmixer and replaced one of them with a symlink to save space. I placed the 'obmixer' executable in /root/Startup and renamed it 'obmixer_tray'. I have created PET package '', that I will upload soon, along with the new retrovol PET.

I have edited /usr/sbin/delayedrun in Woof, taking out the code that launches the retrovol tray applet.
Now I have no tray applets that need to have their background color set when launched.


rain satellite

Username: jemimah
"Hmm, I don't have the tray applet setup on my system. Do you have a .retrovolrc from the old version? I'm working on a fix so the applet responds when you mute or change the volume using a hotkey or by some other means.

Username: Pizzasgood
"Why not just uncheck the "Enable Tray Icon" option in Retrovol? It's right at the top of the "Tray" tab in the configure window. Or is there a bug with it that I'm not aware of? Out of curiosity, does obmixer let you scroll on its tray icon like Retrovol does? To me that's one of the most essential parts of Retrovol and the only reason it uses eggtrayicon instead of the native gtk equivalent (which didn't support scrolling until version 2.16, while Puppy 4.2.x used 2.12, IIRC). I tried getting the tray icon to have a transparent background a couple times in the last month but haven't quite managed it. I thought that I had it at one point, at least in JWM if not IceWM, but when I went to test it more formally on Saturday it wasn't making a difference, so I'm not sure if I just imagined it working or what. I'm going to look into that more in the next week or three, and if I can't get that working I'll try out the native gtk equivalent (I think they call it status-icon or something). If I can get [i]that[/i] to work, I'll add a compile switch and some autodetection so that people with newer GTK will get it automatically, and people with older GTK can opt to forgo scrolling on the icon in favor of transparency, if that's the kind of thing they're into... (Sorry I've taken so long to get serious about this. Between the new Starcraft and Minecraft and Vendetta Online, I haven't been very productive the last few months :))

Re retrovol
Username: BarryK
"Thanks for responding guys. Jemimah, Running your patched retrovol, choose File -> Configure, and there is a window with three tabs, one of those is "Tray". My .retrovolrc only has this in it: [i]window_x=212 window_y=238 window_height=400 unlit_color=#FFFFFF sliders:[/i]

Obmixer scroll
Username: BarryK
"pizzasgood, Yes, the scroll wheel on my mouse does scroll the volume, however there is a bug, it isn't remembered. I scrolled the volume up, then clicked elsewhere and the volume control disappeared, but the volume had not changed. So, the widget supports scrolling, but obmixer is not reading the signals. Note, I'm running Wary and GTK 2.20.1.

Re delayedrun
Username: BarryK
"Note, in Woof I modified /usr/sbin/delayedrun like this: [code]#101004 jemimah has disabled tray applet in retrovol, now using obmixer_tray... if [ ! -f /root/Startup/obmixer_tray ];then if [ "`which retrovol`" != "" ];then if [ "`retrovol -help 2>&1 | grep '\-show'`" != "" ];then retrovol ${BGOPT} & #100119 tray volume control by pizzasgood. 100504 else retrovol -hide ${BGOPT} & #100413 versions after 0.2. 100504 fi fi fi [/code] I have uploaded obmixer_tray and retrovol PETs, compiled in Wary:

Username: upnorth
"Tried the obmixer a while back, but this may be even better. Only tested so far on dpup009 I just spotted this link on tint2 webpage and installed the .deb for a quick test. It worked out of the box and is versatile. Right now i have it set up to interface with 'retrovol' where the retrovol tray is set to not display and the retrovol code in delayedrun is commented out. started from Startup dir.

Username: upnorth
"needs gtk2 >= 2.16.0 [b]does not compile in wary07 [/b] volumeicon.o: In function `status_icon_on_button_release': volumeicon.c:(.text+0xb5a): undefined reference to `gtk_widget_get_visible' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [volumeicon] Error 1

Username: upnorth
"line 339 in volumeicon.c change gtk_widget_get_visible to GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE it then compiles and runs in wary07

Not raining
Username: BarryK
"My satellite connection deteriorates every day late afternoon until fairly late at night. Right now it is 7pm, but my trouble started about 5.30pm. Apart from more frequent cutting-out, I can't download any files. It's weird, I can browse, for example the forum, but if I click on any attachment I just get "Waiting for" forever. It is not just the forum, the same thing happens elsewhere. There are some files I want to download, so I have bookmarked them and will get them late night. It is really pathetic. I am paying 46 dollars per month for this service. I might go over to Telstra's 3G wireless (the only wireless in-range here) despite it's expense.

wget limit-rate
Username: zygo
"I get poor service on 3G with large downloads sometimes. It seems the the isp is happy with lots of little bits (eg the files that make up a webpage) but not one large one. I've been looking at wget options . When service is poor again maybe this will help for large-ish files: wget -c --limit-rate 20k url Note files downloaded from are not assigned proper names by wget. You can get the name with: wget -S --spider url then use: wget -c -O name url However, is currently in a bad way.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I came across a newish Battery monitor, It uses Zenity, but in the past user clarf has converted a Zenity app over to gtkdialog, maybe this could be the case also, anyways info about it is located at ttuuxxx

yad vs zenity vs gtkdialog
Username: technosaurus
"Yad is a fork of zenity that removes several gnomish dependencies and is in fairly active development. Making a symlink to zenity allows several small gui apps from ubuntu to work out of the box (my last compile of it was a 26kb pet) It isn't a full replacement for gtkdialog, but yad does a nice job for small GUIs p.s. this reminded me of some xdg-util issues that break a couple of apps (abiword, epdfview,probably more) that use xdg-open (currently a symlink to defaulthandler) needs to check for http://, ftp:// etc... not just the extension (since many of the urls will have ?var=param&var2=param3 ... or end in a /) ... for known extensions it is sufficient to just use: rox $@ (instead of the large case statement)

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