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Peasyscan 1.1

October 31, 2010 — BarryK
rcrsn51 has created a light-weight scanner application, see announcement on forum:

I have taken out the binary executable, xscanimage, as that is part of the sane-frontends package. Instead, I have compiled sane-frontends (had to hack the source code to get it to compile -- will upload the source soon), PET here:

I remade the Peasyscan PET without xscanimage, (had to edit 'scan' script) uploaded here:

Note, I have not yet tested it as currently don't have access to a scanner.


Username: perthie
The version of xscanimage in the Peasysan package was modified slightly to work with the GTKdialog frontend. It would be better to leave it that way. The original xscanimage is designed to act as a plugin for applications like Gimp.

peasyscan test
Username: tronkel
"I tested it with my Brother DCP7030 all-in-one. Works OK and pretty nifty. There is a slight learning curve necessary, particularly if one is is used to the XSANE gui. You have to remember to select the image format on the first screen and input a filename with no extension. The next screen provides you with the default filename out.pnm. This should not be altered as it is required for the save action which is performed by left-clicking on the save button back on the first dialog. However, it gets there with a correctly compressed jpg file that overwrites the original massive pnm file. So good work rcrsn51 and Barry. Nice and small and gets the job done. Just right for Puppy/Wary.

Peasyscan fixed
Username: BarryK
"See my blog post:

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