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Pnethood 0.66

October 09, 2010 — BarryK
This is good news indeed. Clarf has improved HairyWill's Pnethood Samba shares mounter application:

Give this a spin! Let clarf know how it works.

Clarf, thanks for the initiative on this. We do also have lameSMBxplorer created by Patriot, which seemed like it might supercede Pnethood, but many people prefer the latter.

So, which one is best now?


Pnethood 0.66 PET
Username: BarryK
Ok, I have updated the PET, so all Woof-built puppies will use it.

Welcome 1st boot
Username: shinobar
"The Pnethood 0.66 is working with no problem on my PC with Puppy-431JPqs3, but can be better to apply the cifs patch. I also hope it I18N'ed in near future.

cifs patch
Username: shinobar
"Sorry, was wrong title. The cifs patch.

Re cifs patch
Username: BarryK
"Clarf explained that he had deliberately left that patch out. I will wait until clarf upgrades Pnethood.

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