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Puppy business mishaps

October 11, 2010 — BarryK
CDs lost in mail
Weird, two guys complained to me that their CD did not arrive, I checked my records and found that I posted both of them on the 16th of September.

Then I saw in my records that there was a third CD also posted on that day, so I emailed the guy, and guess what, his CD has not arrived either.

They are to three different countries, USA, UK and NZ, so they would have to have gone astray while still in Australia.

For two of those guys I am posting replacement CDs today, gratis. The third guy, well, he emailed me while I was at the Royal Show and when I did not respond to his query within a few days he canceled his order -- and sent me a quite abusive email.

Foreign money orders
Over the years I have received 2 or 3 US Postal Money Orders, as donations. Recently I received one for 20 dollars from someone who has identified themselves only as "Puppy Lover, California, 90250 USA".

However, I cannot redeem these. I think also the previous one did not have identification of the donor, so I ended up just throwing them away.


US Postal Money Orders

Username: scsijon
"You can take them into the local US consulate when in perth and they will change them for you if you have some i.d. on you. I've done that here in vic. same thing with uk in theirs. for anything else I use a thomas cook office.

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