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Puppy on OLPC XO-1

October 04, 2010 — BarryK
I never took to it and sent mine, that was kindly donated to me, back to the OLPC people -- search my blog for posts about that.

But, the guys who are into using the XO-1 have persisted in getting Puppy to run on it, and have now got to version 1.0RC3:

...which is very good. I was underwhelmed by Sugar, and some other distros are sluggish, so getting our pup running on the XO-1 is just what is needed.

Congrats to you guys who kept at it. I can imagine when it becomes widely known that Puppy runs on the XO-1, there are going to be a lot of schools/kids switching to it.


Username: mavrothal
Australia is aiming for 400.000 machines within the next 3 years And the new XO-1.5 with a VIA C7 cpu, 1MB RAM and a conventional keyboard is really nice to use [img][/img] Maybe you should give it another try ;)

XO-1.5 keyboard
Username: BarryK
"Hmmm, yes. The keyboard was something that I disliked, well, it was one of the main things I disliked. It had all sorts of special keys that were not appropriate for a "normal" OS like Linux or Windows. Plus, standardisation is important so the kids can transition easily to a "normal" PC. I suppose they still have that Forth BIOS though ...but my dislike of that was maybe partly just my personal quirk.

Forth BIOS
Username: mavrothal
"I would think that the Forth "BIOS" is doing a really outstanding job and is all open for evryone to see and modify, as Linux should be. Now the Forth language is a different animal... :-) However, Mitch Bradley, the OFW developer, did an excellent job just for puppy that also shows some of the strengths of the open firmware per se

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