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"Welcome 1st boot"

October 19, 2010 — BarryK
The first time that Puppy is booted, there is a message at top of screen, and mouse-over (or click in earlier puppies) brings up a welcome window with getting started information.

This used to be displayed in SeaMonkey, however first boot on a low-RAM machine may not have enough RAM to run SeaMonkey. At one stage I turned the welcome page into a PNG image, so as to display it on a low-RAM (and no swap partition) machine. Then we have used various light-weight HTML viewers -- recent Wary's and Quirky's have a simple viewer based on libgtkhtml.

Anyway, as I had to revisit this window, due to wanting to add a link to the Video Upgrade Wizard, I have now implemented it in a completely different way. I have built the welcome window using gtkdialog. It comes up fast in low-RAM, and has the advantage of easy creation of all kinds of buttons and variable content, not just a static web page.


re 1st boot
Username: 01micko
Hello Barry Is this to be the default in woof, or just for wary? Sounds interesting and the idea had entered my head for lupu (awhile ago). Can you post the pet/code for we curious gtkdialog coders? Cheers

Re welcome
Username: BarryK
"It is in Woof, so applies to all builds. Um, I really should upload the latest Woof. I was holding off until I had fully debugged the file-finding in the init script, which currently has a few issues. Well, I will see if I can get that sorted out pronto.

Username: Iguleder
"Yes, Barry. You really should upload Woof. People are waiting for dinner to be served on the Puppy Squeeze front ;) Thank you for all your great work, Barry. Maybe it's just me, but for some reason it seems to me that more and more respected developers from the community contribute to Woof and its development rushes forward with new stuff in each upload. I really like the way Puppy development works now - fixes from Puppy Squeeze were stuffed into a "zzfixes" PET and now they all went upstream, they got injected into Woof. This way all recent Woof-built puppies enjoy those fixes. Puppy developers need to worry less about low-level stuff and you have more freedom to work on Woof, Wary and Quirky. This way all puplet developers work more closely and the result can be seen in your blog posts :) Keep up the good work, Barry and all Puppy developers. Cheers!

Welcome 1st boot
Username: shinobar
"It sounds good and I am expecting. By the way, the Startup scripts are not run until the welcome information is read or canceled. Should it be? I hope they should be parallel, or the welcome info to be one of the Startup scripts for the sake of the pupplet builder can easily choose their order. Please make a consideration. Thanks.

Re startup scripts
Username: BarryK
"The /usr/sbin/delayedrun script currently is a compromise, as soon as the welcome window is launched, the scripts will run in parallel after a 3 second delay.

puppypin and sfs
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry Can we address the 'feature' of the original icon format coming back to the desktop when an sfs is loaded/unloaded? It's a bit of a pain when you adjust all the icons to your liking or install something like wbar where you basically want no desktop icons. My idea is that when a change happens to /etc/rc.d/BOOTCONFIG that a backup is made of the puppypin at that time. So a small backup is made when bootmanager is run, It could be saved in /root/choices/Rox-Filer/Puppypin.bak.. then if that file is detected at bootup then it can replace the created one. Of course there could be a pitfall where an usb drive is plugged/unplugged so timing would be important. Thoughts?

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