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Retrovol is back in tray

October 13, 2010 — BarryK
Wary 0.9 has Obmixer in the tray:

Testers have reported a problem with the mute checkbox not working.

Testers have also reported that there is a problem with ALSA in the kernel, sound coming up muted and requiring some unusual checkbox in the main sound mixer to be set to turn it on.

ALSA and Obconf work fine though on the few PCs I have tested it on. The problems are reported by a few testers.

I left Retrovol out of Wary 0.9 as Jemimah's patched one was segfaulting.

Previous builds of Wary and Quirky had Retrovol 0.6 and the tray applet sometimes segfaulted.

I have now compiled pizzasgood's original Retrovol 0.8 and it is working fine for me.

I have created a PET with a script /root/Startup/retrovol_tray to launch the tray applet, with correct background color.

I won't upload the PET just yet, as it requires a modified /usr/sbin/delayedrun to work properly.


which chickbox
Username: Jon.Rubin
HI Barry - did those testers say [i]which[/i] checkbox had to be ticked as I get this problem in 5.1.1 and have to redo the alsa setup wizard on every boot. Thanks, Jon.

Username: Jon.Rubin
"Ah, found it. The PCM checkbox.

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