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Suggested logo for Wary

October 12, 2010 — BarryK
Forum member afgs is our most brilliant Puppy logo creator. He has posted many creations here:

I asked afgs about a possible logo for Wary Puppy, based on the official logo but looking "wary" or "cautious". Afgs posted this response:

I have done some study on it, considering these factors:
- 'wary' definition by Merriam Webster (
- tubeguy's wallpaper showing a dog lurking behind hills (
- paulhomebus' drawing showing a puppy looking through a hole (
- your suggestion to use a modified version of the standard logo, I think that's good since Wary is part of the official releases.
- your suggestion to modify the eyes (glancing to the side)
- wary faces I've seen don't have smiles, so IMO the smile (on the logo) will make the face look 'sneaky'.

And afgs has created this:

...a Puppy warily peaking out from a hole! Afgs has also created a very nice wallpaper with logo on it.

So, what do you reckon?


Further down in hole?
Username: BarryK
I am looking at that logo, trying to visualize how it would look if the pup was even further down in the hole, peaking out with nose showing but not the mouth.

Username: Iguleder
"I think it could be cooler if the Puppy was a 'lil bit moved to the right with its "hands" helping it leap out of the hole. The current logo is awesome, don't get me wrong - but without the "wary" next to it one may think it's some mean Puppy. Regarding your comment, Barry - I think it's a bad idea, too much black and not enough Puppy imho :) But that's just my opinion, which doesn't matter much.

Username: scsijon
"sorry, the one white eye looks like how one of my dogs looked when it went blind in one eye, would be a good symbol for a disabled puppy version though. maybe a eye outline in black with both of the eye centres looking "half sideways" would be better. Maybe even an oval shape rather than circle representing coming out of a rabbit-hole with no mouth on show. Alternately a paw covering the mouth nose and part of the eye from the side with the eyes looking "upwards at you", as if the puppy is saying something like, "i'm not sure what's going on, am I in trouble or something"

Revised Wary logo
Username: BarryK
"Afgs has created a revised logo. Afgs sent me a pm with this comment about the revised logo: [i]Erect ears facing forward means the dog is very attentive (Although dogs with drop ears, like Beagles, can't use these signals very well.) Mouth expressions that indicate aggression include the snarl, with lips retracting to expose the teeth, although some dogs also use this during play. Raised eyebrows suggest interest, lowered brows suggest uncertainty or mild anger, and one eyebrow up suggests bewilderment. The leaning of a dog's head to the right or to the left often indicates curiosity.[/i] Here it is: [img][/img]

New logo
Username: Raffy
"Yes, nice, although the right white eye needs to be shown as focused, too. Since the smile is missing (that complements the bigger right eye), I guess both eyes can be identical (black like the left). Thanks, afgs!

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